dana quigley What the...

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dana quigley What the...
did anyone see the champions tour last night? quigley beat Tom Watson in the playoff after both finishing at -18. he must be the perfect example of why it doesnt matter what your swing looks like its getting the ball in the hole that counts. what a crap looking swing,honestly to look at him you would think he was a 20+ handicapper.

Glad to hear this.. theres someone finally for me to model my swing on.

JP - is that really you in the photo??

The right hand side of his face as you look at it is (I think) Lucky Luciano.

Ah yes, I see - the image file is called luciano_me_very_small.Spookily, the "real" side of his face looks even more sinister than the notorious gangster.Perhaps LGL should reconsider her challenge?