Dear Santa...

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Dear Santa...
Who's your all-time hero? Have you met a golfing legend? Tell us your experiences along with what you'd like to see on the Pro Tours in 2008. ED

Apart from the Ryder cup coming back to Europe, I would still hope that that Monty pulls one out of the bag and wins a major (even better if it is in the good ole US of A)

My sentiments exactly hatstand, would love Monty to win a major, its about his turn surely.Would like a couple of real challengers to step up to the plate and give tiger a run for his money all season, some real rivalry bit like the Nicklaus, Palmer, Player years.

I wish Retief Goosen would stop trying to think, lay off with the swing coach and rejoin the golfing universe. I wish Monty would get a major. I wish all 4 majors would go to Euros and stop with this "once in 10 yers" stuff.  I have no heroes in golf. I admire many players, but there ain't that much that's "heroic" about using that equipment to perpetuate a grip/rip/tip game, collect megabucks for finishing last in the increasing number of invitationals or otherwise pamper their wonderful selves. But in the first instance, I wish them all a merry Christmas and a hapy New Year.  And the same to Bob and the GM crew, and all the posters her eand their loved ones.