Death of a Legend

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Death of a Legend
Hadn't noticed anything on the site but Max Faulkner member of the successful 1957 Ryder Cup Team (Lindrick) died last week at the ripe old age of 88. A colourful character (especially his attire) and a superb raconteur...he will be sadly missed. Hats off glasses raised at our club, presume Royal Portrush flag will be at half mast. They don't make 'em like him anymore.

also one of only a few post war British players to win an Open did run a front page piece (last week) as you can see Don - nice write up'Hats off glasses raised at our club'did you really expect anyone to know what you meant here ?

hats off??? Surely they would have already been.....never mind. ;-)

judging by the last post PaulW, perhaps not...sigh

Just had a look at Bob Warters piece on Max. Good Obituary Bob.It's a great story the ball signing at Royal Portrush but I'd even read somewhere that he wrote 'Max Faulkner Open Champion 1951' on autograph books after only 36 holes...maybe it was only 54 holes in 1951.Among his superlatives - on a trip to Argentina in 1954 (with Peter Alliss) he kept saying to the embarassed hosts "where is that guy Peron?"Shame he had to wait until only recent years to receive an OBE the same honour as bestowed on Paul Lawrie for his Open success.

'Paul Lawrie'WHO ??????????????????

can't you remember - someone popped it onto a silver plate and said Voila!

got cold feet in the process too!

I know Don - I was just relating to the fact that anyone with a bit of golf 'savvy' should be familiar with the name Max Faulkner , even some 50 years on (then again ???) ..... however , 50 years time when somebody says 'Paul Lawrie' people will say 'who?'

I know mate just kiddingBarmey innit - you can't even query 'owt now with the 'code of conduct'Some time ago there was a thread that slagged Poulter's attire. Max never got any of that sh*t...know why? Coz they were scared of him - he was a mean boxer in the RAF during WW2. I understand he chinned the legendary Sam Snead for some misdemeanour.From what I read, he reminds me of Roger Mellie out of Viz.Wore yellow golf shoes, pink outfits but he was no poofter let me tell you.

His son in law Brian Barnes did an interview about him on the World of Golf programme. He reckoned he lost his best years to the war and probably would have won the open several times had it been held then.