Dyson get 2 month ban!!

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Dyson get 2 month ban!!

Dyson Banned for 2 months 30 grand fine and costs, OK he broke the rules, what would have happened if he had kicked his ball out from behind a tree, beheading!!! This is a bit OTT isnt it?? Who knows where a guys head goes when he is in contention, a slap on the wrist would have been sufficient!!

The ban is suspended for 18 months though. a little confusing understanding the official statements though.

He cheated on purpose 

Ding a ling wrote (see)

He cheated on purpose 

And you know that for certain do you? Or is it just supposition?

Just been watching sky and mark roe and dennis pugh commenting.  Basic summary, every pro knows line of putt is sacrosanct. You don't touch it, except in accordance with the rules,  you don't press anything down.  This is ingrained. You don't suddenly have a brain fart and " just, absent mindedly, improve my chances of holing the putt". .... he cheated, he's been found out, hard luck mate! 

^^^ Absolute bollox Paul, he is not a cheat, just an in the moment total lack of concentration.

Sorry Yorkey, i disagree. And so did the panel who heard the case.   

Interestingly Denis Pugh actually called him a cheat and a surprisingly strong attack on him by Mark Roe who said that it was done knowingly. Has he got previous?

Apparently there gave been previous comments.  He saw the mark and tapped it down, he did it intentionally. He cheated.

Pugh's comments were basically that the evidence didn't lie, he was asked if it was right to call Dyson a "cheat", and commented, quite fairly, that he's been heard out and they'd concluded he had cheated.  You get caught robbing someone, you are a robber. You get caught cheating, you are, by definition, a cheat. Why are people so reluctant to condemn him?

Lets see the evidence first, then we can make our minds up. You cannot condemn someone without seeing the evidence.

He didn't use his putter he used his ball. Seemed to do it quickly hoping no one would see

Ding a ling wrote (see)

He cheated on purpose 

As did Tiger to get his perfect yardage with his wedge...... 

Watch out - Steinberg will be suing you............

But did tiger know the rule, did he deliberately break it? the masters committee didn't think so

Of course he did, to enable him to get a full shot with his wedge...  They are all clever and mend the rules as much as possible these days.  Its just a shame that the top golfers are now like the top football clubs.  they bring in so much money that the rules officicals are a tad more lenient.  As they are with the top clubs compared to the lower clubs.. Tiger isnt silly, neither Dyson.  regardless of how quick it was he knew what he was doing as did tiger..   

Is he a "cheat" - doesn't matter. Did he break the rules - clearly and without doubt, yes. Hence fine and ban. Are the two linked - they obviously thought so in this case, only Dyson knows if it was a mistake or intentional. As for Tiger "not cheating".....don't get me started! He should just be lucky he didn't move his marker as well - public hanging from the clubhouse flagpole for two offences!

I wonder what would have happened had Tiger done the same thing?!

There will definitely be a stewards

Dyson disciplinary panel stated that Dyson did not deliberately cheat and no evidence to show he had done so in the past. Pugh and Roe should withdraw their comments which called him a cheat and cast doubt on Dyson;s past and future golfing career. He did wrong and has been punished harshly in my view, as it is not proved to be deliberate.

It was a clear breach of the rules. Whether Dyson had a blonde moment, did not realise the camera was on him or deliberately cheated only he knows.

However, the question of this thread is whether the penalty is too harsh or not harsh enough? Personally, I think Dyson has got a good deal given the fact that he has previous. I think a 2 month ban would have been a just penalty and sent out a strong message that this type of indescretion will not be tolerated.

If he didnt cheat why suspend him? The panel clearly have no balls. 

Question to Ray Rapp. What previous has Dyson got. The panel said in his 14years on the tour he had no previous.

Good question Denny, I'm sure I read somehwere that Dyson had previous...however I have just asked Mr Google for evidence and he can't find any. So, I will retract that statement and apologise as it appears I was wrong. 

I saw the spot on the golf channel and I thought they were harsh in what they were saying but I couldn't really find fault in it. He did cheat, its not a discussion its proven and saying he didn't realise or his mind was elsewhere and it was a mistake is an excuse of why it happened, not that he didn't cheat. The fact of how deliberate it was is a whole different discussion and I think the commentators may have overstepped the mark slightly as a single instance does not define or even show his character.  I think they judgement is again harsh but fair, its a long ban for a single offence, but it is also suspended so all he has to do is not cheat again for 18 months and the only penalty was the fine, I'd hope that would be easy to do unless he is "that sort of player".

The word "cheat" is very emotive, especially in golf. There is no doubt that Dyson broke a rule but I don't think he "cheated".

It’s there for everyone to see on the video footage, it’s not remotely ambiguous. His ball comes to rest and you can clearly see there is a big spike mark on his line of putt. He picks up his ball and tamps down the spike mark with it. If he had not done so his line of putt would have been seriously impeded by the tuft of grass (clearly visible on the video and therefore clearly large enough to affect his putt).   In so doing he improved his own chances of holing that putt, therefore posting a better score, and by definition he therefore affects not only his own score but potentially the position in the field of all the other players.   Why are we even debating it? He acted in a deliberate fashion to improve his line of putt – he cheated.  The only concession I would give in a circumstance like this is if the player didn’t know he’d cheated eg if he caused the ball to move but it was only detectable in ultra HD slow-mo on telly replays, or if he’d not realised he’d broken a rule (like Dustin Johnson in the US PGA a couple of years ago when he grounded his club in a sandy scrape that by local rule was designated as a hazard).  But it’s inconceivable that Dyson was not aware that you are not supposed to press anything down on your line of putt.   Whether he is a nice bloke off the course, kind to his kids and to animals and old people, is totally immaterial.

he's been a very, very naughty boy. Has to pay the price. Nuff said

Tim E - breaking the rules is cheating, he broke the rules therefore he "cheated" Impossible to defend only to try and give a reason why, which in his case was he said he hadn't done it consciously. The panel must have believed him otherwise the ban would not have been suspended.

Matt, breaking the rules deliberately is cheating, breaking the rules unknowingly or unconsciously is not.

I know what you mean Tim and to an extent I agree however we are talking about a professional sportsman, the responsibility is on him to follow the rules especially one as basic as this. It was not done unknowingly as he is well aware of the rule. The fact that it may have been unconscious also just sounds hollow. He has played thousands of holes of golf in his life and must know that it is not allowed in a sunday 4-ball for 50p a hole, to do it in a professional event....