End of 2005, Top 5?

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End of 2005, Top 5?
By the end of 2005, who will be in the Top 5 of the World Rankings? I think it will be: 1. Els 2. Singh 3. Woods 4. Goosen 5. Garcia

1. Woods2. Singh3. Els4. Goosen5. MicklesonHope Tiger makes it back still the no 1 attraction

1. Singh2. Woods3. Els4. Mickleson5. Goosen

1. Woods2. Singh3. Els4. Goosen5. Scott

1 woods 2 els3 singh4 micklison5 goosen

1 - Singh2 - Woods3 - Mickleson4 - Els5 - Goosen

Am I the only person who has some faith in Sergio Garcia..? Lol....

1-Singh2- Els3- Garcia4- Mickleson5- Harrington

I'd be surprised if, statistically, Woods could drop out of the top five. I'll see if I can find out -- I know people who are interested in this sort of thing.

Well, apparently if the 2005 season stopped right now, worldwide (massive ecological disasters afflicting golf courses), the list at the end of the year would be thus, based upon existing standings and decay under the OWGR scheme:1. Singh 5.882. Els 4.773. Woods 3.324. Goosen 2.945. Cink (!) 2.436. Mickelson 2.377. Garcia 2.368. Appleby 2.149. Harrington 1.9710.Jimenez 1.86But for Woods to drop out of the top 5, he would pretty well have to pull out for the rest of the year. So says my stats guru. I daresay there are a few specific permutations that could allow it, but they seem to depend upon his playing abysmally more than their winning everything. Given T3 at Mercedes and his recent results, that prospect seems very remote. The Tiger hiatus may well be over.

I just think with his swing problems and watching the merceedes last week , I dont think it is going to be a great season for Woods. ( he will probarly now have the season of his life )

His putting needs to come into line. But he usually grumbles about the greens at the Mercedes -- they probably don't suit him.I rather think there could be a couple more emergers this year -- not surprising people particularly, but those who have been poised for a while -- the likes of Harrington or even Clarke or Westwood making a big move, and the Americans seem very hot on Cink. I suspect Goosen is in pretty good nick; Mickelson is unpredictable and erratic, so it's impossible to guess till he comes out of hibernation -- and even then -- how he'll do.But I suspect the days of All Woods All the Time are possibly behind us.

1.- Woods (like it or not, he's back)2.- Els3.- Singh4.- Goosen5.- Garcia

I'm encouraged by Donald's showing. V suggests there will be an "emerger" this year, Donald's steady progression over the past 8 months marks him out as as candidate.