Europe's Ryder Cup chances

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Europe's Ryder Cup chances
As a newcomer to this forum I apologise if you guys have discussed this before, but I am interested to know your thoughts on Europe's chances in the rapidly approaching Ryder Cup matches? Whilst accepting that the USA no doubt have similar problems with a number of their team being a little off colour, as I look at our side and their form during the last twelve months I see nothing short of total humiliation looming large on the horizon! Of the ten automatic picks only Harrington and Langer are showing anything like decent form, with the Irishman suffering of late with injuries. Westwood, Fasth, Fulke, Montgomerie and Parnevic are so horribly out of sorts it is truly difficult to see where they are going to get points from. Are any of you even slightly more confident than me?!

Not really! (that said, Cup upsets are a trans-sport phemon!)

Guys I know that the europeans are not playing very well at the moment, but surely we can shoe a little bit of optimism, after all most of the yanks are showing the same poor form of late

Can anyone (Mr Editor ?) offer some advice please on the RCup ticketing arrangements / controls. My friend has a season ticket for the whole 6 days and will not use it every day. Do you reckon I could use his ticket and gain admission on a day when he doesn't go. They say there will / may be security / identification checks. If I show my ID, will they (at the gate !!??) be able to check this against the purchaser of the ticket and as they won't be the same, refuse me entry ??

Andy, good question, currently checking this out with the Ryder Cup authorities.

Andy, just got this from Ann Palmer at Ryder Cup ticket office: "Ryder Cup's Policy is that tickets are non-transferable on a season or daily ticket."
So don't go trying to get in with a false moustache and a wig - they'll have you in the Belfry dungeons before you can say 'Severiano Ballesteros'.
Technically you'd have to agree with the policy because it prevents some dodgy folk getting in on possibly stolen passes and there's also going to be a huge security presence because of possible terrorist making a target of the US team, though hopefully extremely unlikely.

I'm not all that down on the European team. Bjorn just won and has had some decent results in recent weeks. Fulke has been coming back to life after a long Sleeping Beauty spell also. Fasth is a good "big event" player. Garcia has been too busy with Ms. Hingis lately to show up on either Tour -- I think both he and Parnevik ought to have been at the Linde, Garcia as a former winner who has been out of Europe for months and Parnevik because he's not even in the AmEx and could use a re-introduction to some of his team-mates, plus a little exercise on European time.

However, it's match play, it's the Ryder, and anything at all can happen.

Meanwhile, in Cave 307, The Khyber Pass, Hindu Kush, Asia, I do not think O-b-L is poring over the ET and PGA Tour schedules. If he were, I fear he would not find much to excite him on either team! However, I do appreciate that only ticket-holders will be eligible to enter the Belfry grounds.