Faldo answers Bigger Al's question

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Faldo answers Bigger Al's question
His score today (I wont post it in case you have not seen it)I think answers the question set yeaterday. Little aside When the one of the best ever iron strikers carries a rescue club in the bag then you know you've done the right thing.

Right on Jim, a nice tidy card today. He must have gotten out the wrong side of the bed yestreday, although after posting my thread I saw the report on the days action and conditions were not great for the earlier starters.I take it all back. GGGoooooo Nicckkkk!!I really would like to see him do well and win something again.

I missed yesterday but I understand the day before they had 100mph winds, the pro am was cancelled and they had not been able to cut the greens since Tuesday

Another aside When one of the best strikers of the ball carries a rescue club in the bag - it's cos he ain't anymore.

not true Lionel - its cause they were no decent rescue clubs available then. he still strikes it well, hesan old man now, leave him be, hes still looking to win majors and i bet he still does win one -

Ace me old chum - if you'd read all the Faldo threads over the past 5 years - how 'the faithful' put their money on a Faldo revival and cynical ol' me just kept takin' the p*ss, I think you would more careful how you bet.I've become a wealthy chimp through chumps like you.: o )

.... an he ain't old!!!!!!!!!!

He still looks good to me :

One of the best, I remember nearly wetting my pants when he holed the putt on the 11th to win the Masters. So admire his work with his junior series, only one critisim is that he helps the elite juniors get better possibly turn pro, what about helping the 36 handicappers? I'll stand corrected if he already does.

Kev, is that not akin to asking why Sir Alex Ferguson doesn't help out with the local pub team?? ;-)

Kev. He does take them well before they get to nearly pro level just they need to show promise and they take players of all ages at the academies. Its just the ones that are on the verge of or recently turned pro get more publicity. There is a young girl from our club on his 'books' and she was selected at a relatively young age. He can also be seen at the venues which start off the really young ones with the 'soft' clubs

Kev - be fair. There's only so much Nick to go round. He does a lot of work with kids - he's a local (ish) and I know of several events he's been involved in for youngsters.

I'm not knocking what he does I wish more would take his lead. It's just I see it alot with kids, if you don't shine at an early stage you get pushed to the side. I seen it alot with football coaching where the trainer would shout 'pass it to ?????'.

The trouble is with pushing the not so good on to schemes which are intended for the 'better' player is it can put them off altogether. I know it happened with my son. He was asked to play for the club junior team in a scratch event (was not told that when asked) when he was a 32 handicap. He came home so demoralised not soon after he gave up playing. The person he played against was a five handicap and on a very tough course (one where I've never plated to my handicap). He said he just felt totally embarassed to be there particularly as a large amount of the time was spent looking for his balls in the rough.