Faldo - is it the end?

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Faldo - is it the end?
+7 today and a very untidy score card, should Nick bow out gracefully? Can he find his old form or has time and the tinkering with his swing taken it's toll? And what a great (front) Back nine for Trevor Immelman

I think it is a travesty that Bernhard Langer has decided to stand down as Captain for 2006 Ryder Cup. Sure he wants to play if he can, but the man is a tactical genius who creamed Hal Sutton and the rest of the Yanks with his leadership, teamwork, vision and inspiration. He should leave the course-work to the likes of Sergio, Luke and others...So who do we have as front-runners for his mighty large shoes? Woosy, the Welsh firecracker, whose idea of leaderhip is to fire his caddy who cant count, or Faldo, the well know team player who nearly caused a mutiny in the European side in Brookline. Golf is a solo sport which tends to appeal to socially challenged folk like Faldo. Whereas our Ryder Cup wins of late have been based upon talent, abilty, a little luck, but more to the point great leadership and teamwork.

Woosie only fired his caddie after he failed to turn up on time at a regular European Tour event after The Open. He gave him a second chance when most others probably wouldn't have.Faldo seems to have a good relationship with the "younger generation" on tour. He sent a good luck message to the Brookline Ryder Cup team which Mark James decided to rip up. I can't see how that nearly caused a mutiny?It's a tough call but my opinion is that Faldo should get it probably because he will be as meticulous as Bernhard Langer.Can't blame Langer for standing down. It would have been a tough act to follow.

Well, regardless of your views on the history etc, etc...Woosie strikes me as pretty hotheaded and Faldo is no leader of men..We shall see...

WoofI think you will find that Woosnam was deducted two points in the British Open due to his caddie putting 15 clubs in his bag. This probably cost him the Open. If that had been me I would have done more than just fire him!!! The next round his caddie was late!!! Probably because he could not take the heat and new Woosie would fire him. Woosie called the penalty on himself, thats good enough for me. Personally I think he will do well as the next Captain - but at the end of the day if you have a player like Monty doing what he did last time, along with the other players playing well off the back of him, who needs a captain??

I'd give the captaincy to an Irishman (North or South), the likes of former Ryder Cup winners, Phil Walton, Des Smythe or Eammon Darcy spring to mind.My personal choice would be DAVID FEHERTY, he'd get 'em all in high spirits and could sing Danny Boy at the opening ceremony. Past Ryder Cup winner too.If we want a big name then Faldo or Monty but their both a bit serious.

Feherty as too busy and wealthy writing in the states but at least he would make a change.Both Monty and Faldo are loners really not sure if they would make good captains.As for faldo still think he has one good win in him , I don't think fanny is caddying this week so that might be a factor.Putting went down when he switched from maxfli golf balls.

Just noticed , Langer stepped down because he wants to concentrate on qualifying for the team.

when he was winning everything he was with bridgestone for balls

I'm contradicting my earlier comment, but I'd forgotten some recent Faldo interviews where he displayed a humourous side.Perhaps this has come from maturity and confidence in himself as a person rather than a world beating golfer. I know that hitting my forties changed me for the better (I think).Ask yourself this, in the next 12 years, will Phil Mickleson win 3 Opens, 3 Masters including back to back Masters, appear in 11 Ryder Cups and match Nick's record for points in Ryder Cup matches. Extremely doubtful.Imagine Faldo on the Seniors Tour in 3 years time? He'd earn fortunes if his head's right.Yep...he'd be my second choice for Ryder Cup captain after Feherty.

I think Faldo would be ideal for the job, he has all the right charateristics and lets face it Langer isnt exactly a barrel of laffs, its the Ryder cup not comedy standup :)

I don't think you will see Ryder Cup captain stay for more than one event anymore. There's too many waiting in the wings.The next captain should be an Irishman - nice gesture.

Martin"I think you will find that Woosnam was deducted two points in the British Open due to his caddie putting 15 clubs in his bag."What's that all about then?He was penalised 2 shots and his birdie at the 1st became a bogie. I believe the caddie spotted the mistake on the 2nd tee and duly informed Woosie. And if your read my post carefully you will see that I said Woosnam sacked him after he turned up late at a following tournament.

An Irishman would be a nice gesture I agree but I still quite fancy Woosnam to take on the job next time.

Faldo's problem was with Mark James, always a difficult cuss, and the bad behaviour at Brookline was entirely James' doing -- juvenile and petty.Since his latest marriage, Faldo is a much mellower fellow. He must have been getting that way before he managed to nab the apaprently quite grounded Mrs. F. He has, in recent years, as was pointed out, shown his more witty and gentle side -- maturing, happy, well-engaged with his varied projects. He has mentored Nick Dougherty through thick and thin to his first win. He does things for other youngsters getting going in golf. He is not the "driven" creature he was when he ruled the golf world by internalising everything and alienating everyone.But the meticulous way in which he attacked his own career makes for good RC Captaining credentials, and the way he relates to younger players bodes well for the human side of the equation. Don't forget, the likely team members are people to whom he is an iconic leader. They were not direct competitors of his, did not have to endure the hissy fits and the chilly self-absorption. They LIKE him as well as admire him. Hard to see Woosie the Boozy as Captain material, though clearly he could buckle down and surprise us.Feherty is a giggle(sometimes), but really....

eloquently putt VenetianI'm more and more thinking that Faldo's the man for the job.My only concern is that many Irish people want to see England fail (particularly where football's concerned).If we have full support of Europeans, then Faldo is your man...if sentiment is with the Irish, David Feherty is worth a 'punt' (forgive the pun).I'm posting this same message to another thread so excuse the repetition.

No great Ryder Cup pedigree for Feherty,Rafferty\O Connor should get it if Irish credentials are the norm but Sir Nick is owed the honour based on his record.

Dont forget Faldo said that if he wasent picked for Irelans then he would be "too busy" to do it again. With his course business and the senior tour. A tad petulant i think ? Venetian: I have read Mark james two books and as far as i can see, it was six of one and half a dozen of the other. All stemming from james's refusal to go outside the top 20 to let faldo in, (not exactly a bad thing, as Faldo was 76th or something ?) and his not making this crystal clear early enough.

I haven't read the name Lyle anywhere on this thread. Is he completely discounted then?

Lyle probably discounted himself from it the day he said "I'm not playing well enough at the moment don't include me in the team this year"

Lyle does not seem to have a great deal of support. He always strikes me as a bit of a flake -- a grand chap, a real gent, but hard to see him as someone a team could look to with great respect (especially after Langer, who really raised the bar, and a lot of Langer's team are bound to be back).Still, Mark James would never have been my pick (and his decisions reinforced my antipathy to him as Captain). And I worried about Sam, who was basically Echo to James' Voice -- but became very much his own man in the job. Just because Lyle's heyday is behind him does not mean he mightn't be good. The biggest problem is the calibre of the competition: Faldo, with clear credentials, and Woosnam, with VC experience as well. In addition, Lyle has played pretty badly for years now, which means he has played pretty sparingly. And he has uttered interest, but has not done so forcefully. Rightly or wrongly he gives off an aura of vagueness and lack of focus; even where he plays -- here and there in America or Europe -- suggests a lack of commitment. It seems to me to rule him out in the face of interest from Faldo and Woosie.I know they always say that the Captain doesn't matter with a decent team, as he's not on the course playing, but two American captaincies in a row have proven that poor captaining can erode the focus of the team. The Americans start with players who don't get it to begin with, and every mistake Strange made Sutton made ten times over. James, with a team dramatically inferior to the American team that year, damned nearly pulled it off, and I would argue that the difference was in his own mistakes: picking Coltart, a personal favourite, over the vastly superior Karlsson, was one; sitting the rookies, who went into a bloodbath completely untried, was another. As Monty said to Parnevik on Saturday night, looking at the lineup, it was impossible to see where the points might come from.As for James and Faldo, we have James' versions. Faldo did not make the team; he did what most players would do -- sent a goodwill telegram to those who did. What sort of a Captain "bins" it? A petty, personality-driven type, who would rather "encourage" a mediocre talent he likes than a competent player he doesn't. A telegram like that was not sent as an irritant to James; it was addressed to the team. I can't see Faldo in the wrong here.

Agreed, even from reading James' own account, you have to say it was a petty act, and an insult to Faldo.Westwood has stated that Faldo is his choice, but he expects the committee to choose Woosie.I'd still go for Woosie, incidentally.

Faldo has the public support of Westy, Clarke and Monty. Clarke is on the committee...I have a feeling that if Woosie is chosen, it will be announced that Faldo gets 2008 in the US (if he agrees).

Read an interesting article on friday, reckoning Woosie will get the call because he has more mates on the committee, leaving Faldo as a shoe-in for 2008.Also correctly pointed out Woosie's lifestyle makes him a more attractive option to the paddys!

heard the same thing that the likes of Jamie Spence and other committee members wanted Woosie.If Faldo does it in 2008 that means it'd be upheaval to give captaincy back to Woosie in his native Celtic Manor for 2010.That seems crazy, unless they are hoping Woosie does it for the next 3...tall order especially if he doesn't get the right results.

Come back Bernhard. All is forgiven.

If Woosie gets this one, he will NOT get Celtic Manor. No way. If there was any chance of getting that (he'd be over 50 then, possibly playing Champions or ET Seniors) he would not be campaigning for this one.2010 is probably Monty's.

just trying to get my mind around this here a minute - who exactly is on this 'committee' ?reason I ask is an eyebrow got raised when reading Dons post about Jamie Spence + others (what ? - other 'average' tour players ?) want Woosie ! - that's fair enough , all to their opinion , but I ask ... 'Jamie Spence !!!!!!' .... c'mon a minute - how can a group of 'nobodys' if we compare them in 'golf' terms to Faldos past achievements swing an influence here on who the next RC Captain 'should' be ?

Jamie Spence has taken over from Mark James as Euro Tour Players Committee Chairman, a committee that also includes Darren Clarke.It appears much of this is about Faldo's stand-offishness compared with Woosies ability to empathise more personally with the team players.Faldo does have very strong support and I would imagine that 3 Irish Opens helps his corner. Compare Faldo's Ryder Cup record with Woosies (who incidentally has never won a singles match) and one name leaps out.

It appears much of this is about Faldo's stand-offishness compared with Woosies ability to empathise more personally with the team players.could that be put as :Faldo will have them on the practice ground working on their game and Woosie will have them in the bar pi$sed ?:-)))does need a bit of both to 'gel' a team althought it shouldn't be as if 12 strangers have met each other for the 1st time I'd have thought ? - they all know each other on tour.still say Faldo - it's a bloody travesty otherwise !