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Food, glorious food
Spent a day going red-faced in the sunshine, watching the professionals going similarly red-faced as they tackled Forest of Arden in the strong breeze yesterday. But that was nothing to how the blood pressure rose when lunch time came and I fancied something to eat in the refreshment area behind the 9th green. Not being a corporate guest or the recipient of a media pass, I was at the mercy of the "circle of chuck wagons" which dispense food and drink on such occasions. Now I don't think I'm a particularly tight bloke - the monthly overdraught stands testament to that - but

I'm sure the entrepreneurs in the chuck wagons are not suffering by their inflated prices, but I also suspect the European Tour and/or the FoA are charging them mahusive ground rents to be there.You ought to write to the Tour (use the feedback link on the ET website) and complain vigorously. I hate exploitation, and this is it. The rich types in the hospitality tents are quaffing champers and guzzling smoked salmon and beef wellington and whatever; it's the poor punters who walk in the gates, paying for the privilege, who get stung."The rich are different," F.Scott Fitzgerald once famously said, to which a surly Hemingway replied laconically, "Yes -- they have more money."That's not the difference these days. The difference is that the rich don't have to pay for anything.

Good topic for a new subject: What number do you consider to be rich?

As I usually have never got more than

Man walks up to a diner showing the the sign'Food at popular prices'So he goes in and orders an All day Breakfast."That will be

You may have done yourself out of a manageable beer, Tim. I recall going out for a quick drink with my dad a few years ago at a stylish little watering hole in Glasgow. My dad only wanted a coffee, and I had a half of some agreeable lager. Unlike in Canada, where it could never be thus, the coffee was more expensive! One of the few economic advantages of returning to the UK is that having a drink won't break you. (As opposed to using the phone...)

Had a lenghty chat with a couple who had attended this year's Masters, aside from giving a myriad of useful tips for getting in to see the tournament (which I shall use at sometime in the future) he also said that the on-course catering was cheap as chips - except you can't have chips or anything else hot as they don't want the smell of food cooking to overpower the magnolias! Catering at golf tournaments in this country is usually a rip-off, what a surprise!

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