Garcia's disappearing act

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Garcia's disappearing act
I'm not sure if I heard this right, but when Garcia lost to Els this afternoon in the final of the Cisco WOrld Matchplay, and when Steve Ryder approached them for the ceremony, Garcia refused to do an interview, saying he "had to go". Steve Ryder rode it well, adn interviewed Els, but it struck me as a bit weird - what happened to him? He can't have been needing the toilet, as he had been behind the trees only a couple of holes before. Does anyone know what happened?

I heard the same thing, seeing the same material on The Golf Channel.

He's not playing this week, but has travelled and played a lot recently, from AmEx to the Ryder Cup to the Chunichi in Japan to the Cisco. I imagine he was headed back to the US, where he's about to buy Ernie Els' house in Lake Nona, before ambling up to the Tour Championship in Atlanta. He then is back to Europe right away for the Volvo Masters.

Plane to catch? But, no...if he had had to play out 17 and 18 the match would have been longer...heavy date? But I hear they've broken up...doesn't like Steve Ryder? I don't know, but he had time to talk to some other press and to the ET people, who had quotes for their website.

My own best guess is that, having behaved well all day despite some titanically misplaced drives, he wanted to find a quiet spot off-camera in which to punt a shoe and break a few clubs. But I'm only guessing!

I think you are right. He just didnt want to go "on camera."

No idea where he went...maybe his caddie knocked the shit out of him coz he threw it away. If I was his caddie, I would have refused to give him the driver on 16th as he had pulled back to within 1 hole.

He should have smacked a 3 or 4 iron down the middle leaving a wedge to the green.

"Stupid Boy" Sergio, as Capt Mannering would have said.