Go Freddie, Go!!!

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Go Freddie, Go!!!

Attention fellow old guys....54 year old Freddie Couples is but 4 shots off the lead at the Masters as I post this....with but 36 holes left to play. 

Were he to win, he would be the oldest player to ever win a major and might just help ease some of the lingering pain of watching another of my favorite all time players; Tom Watson barely miss winning the British Open but a few short years ago....

Go Freddie...on behalf of us senior players everywhere!!  LOL

If not Freddie then I want to see Bubba pull it off ...although I still believe that Scott will put some heat on Bubba over the weekend...could be quite a show, indeed!!

Well if Freddie does win the US Masters then it will be good to see.  He's one of those players with the right temperament to do this but maybe not the stamina. I was also gutted when Tom Watson failed to win The Open.  He played superbly that week and in the end it was just his nerves and putting that let him down.

Freddie's indeed done well thus far, especially in out-scoring guys half his age, but I don't think he'll be close to challenging when we get to the business end of things tomorrow. Also one bad hole and Bubba's lead will be wiped out, this is far from over....It is moving day, after all. Hopefully a move in the right direction for Westwood and Kuchar as I have money on them!

Lovely quote from Martina Navratilova (okay I know its a bit of a sporting cocktail but hey…)  "The ball doesn't know how old I am".  Go Freddie.  

Bit of a tradition having Freddy under par at the Masters 

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Bit of a tradition having Freddy under par at the Masters 

Freddie's Masters record is indeed amazing.....but watch out for the newest American phenom Jordan Speith come Sunday afternoon....only 20 years old -he'd be the youngest Masters Champ ever- surpassing Tiger...which is what many believe he is destined to do ....become the next "Tiger".....time will tell but he will be in a great dogfight with Bubba on Sunday....there are also a number of players within reach including another ageless wonder, my man, Miguel Angel Jimenez....if he wins -or loses for that matter- I want an invite to his party!

Agreed about Jimenez - whatever happens, at the end of every week he always walks off with a decent cheque in his pocket; been doing so for years aswell. I too would be happy to join him for a Rioja and cigars!