How many times will the world no.1 change hands this year?

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How many times will the world no.1 change hands this year?

Luke has lost his big lead (9.13) now both McIlroy (8.60) and Westwood (8.17) are breathing down his neck, not to mention Kaymer et al. Luke needs to produce some better form than he has shown so far in his first three outings this year if he is to stay top, currently for 40 weeks. I suspect it will change hands at some point with Rory being the obvious favourite. My best guess is it will change hands 3 or possibly 4 times this year.  

I was thinking exactly the same thing, I strongly suspect that McIlroy will take it soon enough only for Donald to regain it at some stage. I also have an inkling that Both Kaymer and Westwood will have a period at the top also, if  they can get in good performaces at the Majors.

Yes this year could see the top spot changing hands a few times, my feeling is Rory will take it at some point only for Luke to regain it and retain it.

The way things look now macilroy could take and keep it, hopefully like will put up a fight, he seems to value the status more than most.  Hopefully a big dog fight until leader takes hold in September...

I think I've left it a bit late for this year

I think Rory will get it and spend a while at the top.

If Rory performs well at the Masters i can see him getting there and staying there for a while. Still hoping Westy gets back there myself...

I have to say I was surprised how quickly the lead shrunk. Luke's not had a spectacular start this year but after what he achieved last year, regardless of rory's talent, I fully expected it would take months before any of the chasers were within range. I have to admit I can see Rory toppling Luke at some stage.

It will change hands once. McIlroy will take over in next few weeks, and that will be that for the rest of the year. And the next few years. I'm not expecting Tiger like dominance, but to me has that extra "something" that his rivals don't have.