How they Look in Real Life

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How they Look in Real Life
Being an avid watcher of TV golf I would have said that I new fairly well what most top pro's looked like. But when Titleist started their 'Talkin Heads' campaign for the new Prov1 I got a hell of a shock. Some of them did not look like my mental image of them at all. Let's see how many of you have been shocked when seeing a supposedly familiar figure in the flesh or TV close up. Mine was on the Titleist ad and it was Brad Faxon, that face could be used to scare children into good behaviour!

I know what you mean Alistair, a couple of them look like they'd just come out from plastic surgery. Apart from Faxon, Singh, Goosen, Mickelson, Howell III, Love and Toms who were the others?

Whenever I see close-ups, I'm always amazed at their reptilian skin. Too much time spent in the hot sun. Ernie Els is a particularly bad example.

Adam, you have it nailed, no wonder we cannot play golf like they do, they are not HUMAN!!!!

Best suggestions please for what planet these golfing reptiles come from and what they really look like!

.......and doesn't Mickelson's bum look big.

C'mon guys, I thought it was only babes who bitched.

You expect 'em to use the same skin conditioners as you?
What is it Olay or "because I'm worth it"

*breathless little sigh*

What can I use to get the wrinkles out of my cheeks?????

Bow - ttocks

It's not just athletes. Movie stars take a lot of preparation before they look as flawless as we get used to. I saw a casual interview on Entertainment Tonight with Julia Roberts, unmade-up -- not a "gotcha!" thing, just someone who had run into her, with crew in tow, when she was at her local market or whatever. She was quite happy to do it (which they're usually not when in ghastly mode). She looked pleasant enough, but her lips looked rubbery, and her eyes looked goopy, and the people I was with and I were all pretty stunned to realise that this is a face the camera loves, because it's sort of expressive (in a limited way) and that "cleans up real good," as they say in the States. It's like a lot of the supermodels (do we still have those?) -- they are not necessarily the prettiest applicants at agencies, but they have bone structure, or eyes, that are going to take makeup well.

The Titleist commercial is a bit of a rogues' gallery, though. Phil Mickelson tends to look demented when not playing golf. Faxon is just outright scary movie stuff. Retief holds up okay, so far.

And I have to believe wearing those dopey baseball caps really affects the growth of the front of the hair. There are a disproportionate number of youngish men with receding or thinning hairlines playing golf. (Furyk, Cink, Lehman, and many more). Even Retief, with a very thick head of hair, is showing thinner at the front than he did a few years ago. Monty, Clarke and Westwood, however, are still good -- maybe it's the combination of the US climate and the sweat under the bill of those caps.

Lionel, I am sorry but when we guys get to 'bitchin' we cannot accept criticism from a Monkey. My main worry here is that Lionel, as one of the Titleist Heads, would look better than a lot they already have!

Good point on the baseball caps I was really pleased watching the final round of Ben Cranes first victory. Then he took his cap off and it was 'Wow, tough paper-round as a kid' time!

Phil does look demented and I reckon that is the thin guy silently screaming to get out of the 'doughboy' he is trapped in.

Venetian, you seem very knowledgeable on the other side of the pond, so I have some questions re Brad Faxon:-

does he come from a farming/rural background?
does he have a lot of cousins?
does he own a set of denim bib overalls?
would his family tree have a lot of 2 way links & doubling back?
is he a known dribbler whilst asleep or awake?
and did his choosing to specialise in golf over the banjo cause a family rift?

Alastair, I'm from Scotland and am more interested in the European Tour than the PGAT. But living in Canada our southern "neighbours" and all their doings are constantly barraged into our lives. (Some friends; they don't come to Toronto any more and they banned our beef...!)

Bradsky, who used to look like what Dennis the Menace (American version) would look like when he grew up, now resembles more something out of American Gothic. You've caught the flavour perfectly. But I don't think his origins are actually hayseed...let alone inbred (all images off the Titleist ad to the contrary). He's from New Jersey (the fate worse than death) and lives in Rhode Island. Unlike 99.9% of the PGAT members, he does not state huntin' and fishin' as his hobbies.

He's a bit too matey with Billy Andrade for my taste; I've been off the Android since his remarks a couple of years ago about how unfair it was that Japanese players were getting into the Masters while he couldn't. But I've no reason to think Faxon is equally stupid, or xenophobic, or arrogant. Fax tends to get into the Masters the old-fashioned way: he earns it.

Ok is it simply 'Androids' or 'Steroids' no not Annika Testoronie this week & if I take my at off same deal but got no bloody condo in California in return


Aw, c'mon guys, lay off the Fax-man - he's a class article, especially after his ex-wife fleeced him like you can't believe. Top man, top attitude, the best putter I've seen ever a genuine all round nice guy, whihc is more than can be said for some of his more esteemed colleages, mention no names, but he pulled out of the COlonial recently just in case 'Suffregen' gave him a whooping.

Martin, on the minute chance that Faxon ever reads this then I reckon you are covered. But lets get real, we do not work in golf and have no constrictions on the views/observations we can make. We happen to think the guy is scary ugly. Now if you can get a bevvy of young, attractive ladies to say otherwise(without them knowing he is wealthy or famous) then we will rethink, otherwise.....