Images of The Open 2002

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Images of The Open 2002
Ernie Els' dramatic playoff triumph or Tiger's 81 on soggy Saturday? Justin Rose's sparkling opener or Gary Evans last hole heartache? Will will you remember from the Open 2002?

I think you virtually covered everything there Bob. I think it was one of the most interesting and eventful opens. Monty hitting the course record one day and 20 shots more the next. Marayama's constant smile. Gary Evans' interview on the bbc after his final round. James, Torrence and Brown in the commentators box together.

It was great and I know a lot of people who don't even like golf loved it as well

Duffy Waldofs pulled driver straight into the bush 30 yards in front left of him with all his weight still on his right (back) foot after impact. Classic.

That and Tigers chuncked long iron barely getting off the deck........ frankly if I repeated his reaction in the monthly medal and took a back handed swipe at the turf they would escort me off the course.


Tiger - looking like he did when playing Lionel in the Pontlottyn Masters - (Thread 41) and I quote:-

"The main hazard on this 145-yard par three is the pond immediately in front of the green. Dropping a shot because of the swirling wind is one thing, having to play the next from the entry point by the side of water that even frogs won't spawn in, is another.
Tiger's baseball cap was beginning to droop at the front and had lost its duckbill curvature. Droplets off rain hung from his earlobes and nose, as he wrung out his glove for the third time.
My Sou'wester with its broad brim was keeping my face pretty dry. The Marigold gloves not only assure me of a good grip but also come into their own on this hole, if I have to retrieve my ball from the pond."

He never learns.

Who was it that thinned a bunker shot 60 yards up the fairway from behind the green?

Thomas Levet for me. He seemed like a really decent chap, and was great about the situation both before and after the final result. Seemed pretty cool before the play-off, calm during it, and gracious about losing it.
Thought Ernie's bunker shot to get his four on that first sudden death hole was pretty tops though.
Having said that, he should have gone out clubbing last night the amount he was pulling on the final holes.

My lasting memory, well for a few weeks maybe, would be tiger hitting a tee shot on the first hole as badly as I did in a competition once. Hahaahhaha.

Serves him right for being stupidly rich, having a fit bird and changing an already stupid name (Eldrick,) to Tiger.

Its got to be that putt from Gary Evans on the 17th - WOW !!!

why did woods change his name (other than the obvious reason that it was a daft name)?

Marketing Adam. I think Tiger sells more than Eldrick. Given that his dad's focused upbringing of Tiger was to produce a the best golfer it's given that as soon as he showed some talent the dollar sign's went cha-ching.

It has been pretty well documented that his full name is Eldrick Tiger Woods - his father giving him the name (at birth) of his best friend called 'Tiger', with whom he served in Vietnam. Those people in marketing, who'd love to take the credit, are clever - but not THAT clever.

I wasn't saying it was the marketing people and admittedly he was given the name but when his father saw his talent and realised what a money making machine he had I bet he started calling him Tiger more than Eldrick.

Saying that though as a kid if my middle name was anything like tiger I would of insisted on being called that as well. But then again I probably would of thought I was some kind of super hero with tiger powers and run around the playground with my coat as a cape. Hang on I do that every lunch time at work!

Lasting memory of The 2002 Open - it's got to be Gary Evans - that last day charge, that put on the 17th, the interview on BBC and the thought that a 4,4 finish would have given him the title......

My memories of the 2002 Open.

Arriving at 7:15, 15 minutes before they opened the gates.

Bernhard Langer refusing to sign my son's, or anyone elses, programme, Sandy Lyle signing my sons programme and being such a nice guy.

Loosing all feeling in my hands about 3 o'clock in the midst of the worst Open weather I've ever experienced.

Taking an hour to travel a couple of hundred yards in a field where my car had sunk up to its axles.

Oh and we mananged to see some decent golf from Sergio, Gary Evans, Nick Price, David Duval and a host of others.

Roll on the next one!

Els was great, Gary Evans was spell-binding, Levet was Gallic (and charming) and lots of people played well. I was hoping Retief could get to the magic number -- now THAT would have been a playoff!

The player who perhaps impressed me the most was Carl Pettersson. He didn't surprise me, as he has played well all season, but to keep it together as long as he did was a very promising Open debut. Pity he dropped a few late, but there it is.

Full marks to Soren for a great effort, too.

The thing that probably made me happiest, however, was Fulke's final-day 65. Maybe this week will tell if he's on the road back, but he must be very encouraged by tying with Tiger when the latter was obviously loaded for bear and with a lot to prove.

As you all may know by now, the US TV ratings went up by quite a few points over last year despite the fact that Tiger (and Toms and Mickelson) were long gone before ABC came on the air. I guess I was not the only one to feel we were overdue for a Tiger-free Sunday at a major. In a way it's a pity we didn't see his round, or for that matter Fulke's, as players scoring 65 are usually playing with rather more dynamism than Tiger showed Thursday and Friday, or in the two previous majors (and the three before that). But I'd rather take the all-too-rare opportunity to see some of the other players, and get my comic relief from hearing Curtis Strange attempt to find something credible to say about them!

With only one American in the top ten (Scott Hoch, who normally hates The Open), I'm fascinated to get a further impression of US coverage. Were Els, Elkington, Appleby and Maruyama suddenly Uncle Sam's adopted sons? And how was Saturday's humiliation of Tiger and Co received? As a freak horror movie or as a conspiracy?

They cancelled couverage of the Open on Saturday as soon as Tiger went to Even Par. Blanket coverage of the Alabama State Pro Celeb Cow-pat Chucking Jamboree then ensued!

As you no doubt know, US TV coverage is Tiger-obsessed. Thursday, when he was done early, they re-ran his "highlights" at least four times during coverage, in packages that lasted up to 5 minutes a pop and always included his say-nothing interview with Roger Twibell. ("In case you're just joining us..." is the running excuse for this overkill).

Friday, they came on air just before his tee-time; need I say anything more. Among the Tiger-shots were several prominently featuring him expectorating, one, regrettably, a close-up. I might tell those who have not heard it yet that Tiger's liquid emanations have been deemed "casual water" by the USGA. No kidding.

Saturday, he was in progress when they came on. Shock, little commentary, reduced coverage (can't be embarrassing our hero, now can we) and I think only one lowlights package. His interview was re-run a few times, to start the new US National Anthem ball rolling: God Save Our Gracious Golfer. (Nothing wrong with his behaviour at all, quite impeccable, but aside from Monty losing his wool, everyone behaved well).

Sunday, they were a bit more professional. Remarks about the end of the Slam attempt and the horrendous round, as well as his good finish (not a word about Fulke) were no more than one would expect from any broadcaster -- it was the only day I didn't get several hours of BBC before they signed on.

They did focus on the round at hand. They were essentially pro-Els and, in the playoff, also pro-Elk, as they tend to consider both to be semi-Americans. They got a bit dismissive of poor Shigeki, but he was dealing himself out, so that's pretty much a golf call.

Good coverage of Gary Evans, though he was giving them conniptions -- they knew NOTHING about him. (None of them apparently ever watches the European Tour on The Golf Channel). Fair coverage of the players in contention, except for the three who made the playoff, who "came out of nowhere" -- i.e. ABC had not had their spotters on them, as none are currently "superstars").

As you can imagine, the name of Jean Van de Velde was taken in vain often as Levet moved to sudden death. Hard to resist, I guess -- but it gave them something to say about him, as they obviously knew little or nothing else, had not seen his round, and could not pronounce his name properly.

But the broadcast provided the sense of tension in the final hour or so, and a pretty good sense of the day, which is not something that happens when Tiger is in play.

They were rather reeling that only Hoch, who is not a huge links fan at the best of times and is not a well-liked player in the US, was in the top ten. We actually hardly saw Love after Thursday. Nice, if patronising, things were said about the international face of the leaderboard, but the whole tone of the final summations and of a great deal of the US press coverage since has been to the effect that the "British Open," as they will insist on calling it, is a "quirky" sort of Championship. Nothing unfair, but they were mightily relieved that it was Els and not Levet, and not just because Els in respect to his entire Tournament really deserved it more.

They must have had a wretched Saturday night in the ABC Command Bunker, looking at the fact that Woods would be done before airtime and was out of it -- no Paul Lawrie waiting-in-the-clubhouse here! They must have been relieved that their ratings actually rose well over last year's. I hope they also learned something: there are actual golf fans out there who come to watch, not to worship, and who are interested in other players, good play, and a bit of variety.

...and whie Big Ern' was picking up the Claret Jug they ran an interview with Tiger's Dad about how often "Baby Tiger's" nappies needed changing!!