Just in with a chance

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Just in with a chance
Once again our Justin has posted a great first round score - two shots better than the Tiger. Thing is, will he do the honourable British thing and collapse.

Probably...but a bit harsh!

He's done exceptionally well to get the Americans' attention. It was good to see that Woods and Mickelson shook his hand to welcome him to the US Tour on Tuesday. Must have given him a real confidence boost. He looks very comfortable out there though his complexion makes him look like an 'A level' student (but with realistic talent!).

Yes he will - harsh.......... but frighteningly accurate Al.

Why do we do that?
Nation of first halvers.

I really need to get sky..

Me too...Radio 5 didnt cut it!!

Channel 5 tonight at 00:45 am shows highlights of the PGA. They tend to show US golf every monday night...

Set your video....

Good old Channel 5 - their programme planners obviously reckon you can't beat a bit of golf for peaktime viewing for insomniacs! Still if you haven't got Sky - on which the golf coverage is excellent - (if you can find something to do when the ads are on) at least Channel 5 is catering for the silent majority. Quite where golf fits into their post-watershed-softporn-policy (allegedly!) is a mystery. Must have a big chief who likes to play a round occasionally and is a bit of a weekend hooker!

Right, really do need to get sky. Channel 5 where I live (oooh-aaarrr) is like watching one of those pictures you have to relax your eyes and stare at to see the object..

I barely get channel 4 let alone channel 5.

No sky!!!#
You'll be telling us next you still have a dial up connection and not Broadband!