Lee Westwood short game improvement

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Lee Westwood short game improvement

Seen a bit of Westwood on TV and his overall short game seems to be on the up. Is this the year he can break his major duck??

The RSPCA will be after him if he does......

Just seem him 3 stab ..... followed by s great up and down

Putting still seems streaky at best.....feel the us open or uspga are more suited to him. Still think his game is best suited on the European tour than on the majority of the US target golf courses....

I think his long putting is getting better. He has made some great up and downs on the US courses recently, but other times makes a clumsy chip. I don't like seeing him with 6-10 ft putts. Haven't seen his stats, but my impression is that he isn't as good as the others from that range.

its a blip....the added pressure of a major will soon get him back to normal! (sadly!)

Be great if he could finally win one....

he shot 4 over today ,

Funky wrote (see)

he shot 4 over today ,

not good is it!!