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Lee Westwood
I saw much of Lee Weswood's round today. Quite a mixed bag, with lots of birdies, but many more careless errors. But I witnessed two bizarre pieces of course management. Hole 3 - decided to take driver, but left himself with a 60 yard second over a bunker. End result, bogey. Hole 16 - Everyone else had been laying up short of the burn. Tiger laced his driver, just clearing the burn at 280 yards. Lee then decides to try same...splash. Crazy. Hounourable mention to Greg Norman, having just watched Lee drive into the burn at 18, he decides to try the same....splash...doh!

AlanWatched most of the day - too hot to do gardening (shame).Cannot believe the bad course management - golf seems to be so difficult for some guys. Like tic,tac,toe - testosterone beats brains every time. In his 49th year, Norman's is probably declining - what's Lee's excuse?

Westy did "slum dunk" it in the burn... a foot short would have jumped it, so you could say he was unlucky!...but, as Patricia says, one glimpse of Tiger flying over it, Westy was hooked!

It was a strange shot selection - he needed a 280 yard carry, and the wind was slightly against. He was level par at the time, hardly out of it.


Talk on the tele was of an optical illusion from from the tee, so it may have looked like Tiger's ball was well clear, hence persuading the other two to give it a bash.Felt a bit sorry for the older guys. Faldo and Norman swing's both looked good put they both left a few putts out there.