Luke Donald for The Open?

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Luke Donald for The Open?
Interesting article, but it's a bit premature to be talking up Donald's game. A top 10 finish in a US event, and a solitary victory in a rain-abandoned event, do not an Open champion make, I'm afraid. Donald, Casey, and Rose represent the future of British golf, and I'd like to think that one of them will land a major one day - but not yet. Casey is the closest, but they all still have much to learn in terms of developing a major-winning golf game. If anything, this premature talk along the lines of "this could be the year" is detrimental, burdening these players with the unrealistic expectations of a success-starved golfing nation. And while I'm on this subject, let's have no more nonsense this year regarding Darren Clsarke's Open prospects. Darren's a fine player, but not a major winner.

You're joking right? Darren Clarke is one of the top 5 ball strikers in the world, if not the best. The only player beside Tiger to win 2 WGC events, IF he could keep his putter going for 4 days he could walk the Open.

No chance: Donald, Casey, Rose, Poulter, Price, Faldo, Lyle.Nearly men: Clarke, Drummond, Davis.To win: Westwood or Montgomerie.I will be hoping that someone from the British Isles win, it is about time.

Plenty of better ball strikers than Darren Clarke and his putting isnt up to the job. Only man i can see winning it is Ernie

Can just imagine Luke Donald packing his bags for Troon, taking a last look at the internet before he leaves his Chicago condo and thinking 'Oh my God, Golfmagic's tipping me for The Open. Now I've really got to knuckle down and play my best.' No pressure, then, Luke!Of course he's got a real chance - he knows (and likes) the links conditions, hits fairways and greens, putts solid - and is in form. You can have your easy calls of Els and Tiger but another winner could come from left field like Allenby or Appleby - or Rory Sabbatini (you read it here first!). I'll stick with Donald and see how he copes with the pressure of an Englishman coming up the stretch with a two stroke cushion - a nation expects.

Potentially anyone can win it....Its a golf tourney....lots of short memories here....Ben "who" Curtis ????

Westwood or Monty Alan? On a links course? You been drinking the Windowlene again?!

Bob, do the pro's check out Golfmagic from time to time?

Incidentally, my tip for The Open is Garcia.

And Darren will never win a major, because his putter won't let him. But I'd love it if he could prove me wrong.

Monty! I read somewhere that Monty is a regular a Troon, and knows every blade of grass. Perhaps a longshot but this fresh start in life he has just might be the catalyst he needs to win the big one. Time will tell.Westwood! If he has a good first day I think the title will be his. Just look what happened in the Dunhill - rounds of 62 at Kingsbarns (and course record) and 67 on the Old Course.So I'll stick to beer.

I would love to see one of the british young guns win the Open this year but lets be honest I have more chance of winning the lottery.I think our best chance is to hope for a european winner, my tips would be Freddy Jacobson, Padraig Harrington or Miquel Angel Jiminez( the spanish scouser).Hopefully it will only be a couple of years before we can expect to see the likes of Rose, Casey, Donald, Poulter, and Dougherty up there challenging for the majors but lets not put too much pressure on them yet, if we have realistic expectations for them then they can only keep getting better.It is interesting that Donald is the outsider out of the "british young guns" by the odds at the bookies.

I think the odds of winning the lottery have been calculated at something like 14,000,000/1. So in a field of 156 I think the likes of Messrs Rose, Poulter, Casey, Donald and Scott Drummond have a better chance of winning The Open than you have of winning the lottery Mr Seabass!

Actually just had another thought. Did Justin Rose qualify? If he didn't you have a much better chance of winning the lottery than Justin has of winning The Open!

As yet Justin Rose has still not qualified for the open, he has to be the top player in this weeks scotish open not to have already qualified to get the remaining place available. So maybe my lucky numbers will finally come in and i will be able to start my life long golfing holiday.

Donald certainly is a decent player and could easily added to his PGA tour wins if it not for John Daly's magical short game!Westwood is playing well, it'd be great to have a major winner in our Ryder Cup team! Clarke is playing well, down to his putting though, Sergio is my Euro tip as well, but if the weather gets a bit nasty, someone like Lawrie will always do well.Can anyone touch the Goose at the mo?

BobWasnt Rory Sabatini one of those who didnt turn up for qualifying in America?

damn, custard, you beat me to it.tom weiskopf had some choice words on the bbc website about the americans who didnt bother to turn up.and bob, please, as a man of letters PLEASE don't go down the road to hell, currently well-trodden (or should that be trod ;-) ), of americanising golf. darren clarke putts solidLY.whenever i hear someone say that "i birdied nine, got a par on ten" i have to stop myself shouting "you da mahhn !!!"

Sorry Dan. Like you read it on BBC. He is right what he says though. Obviously not good enough for the challenge!

apology accepted.i cant really imagine why they didnt turn up, given that they were all keen to play at shinnecock hills which looked pretty linksy to me, except with added hideous rough round the greens.

Sabbatini, may not have turned up but had already qualified from a mini-US order of merit along with Steve Lowery and one other. Putting 'solid' is good Dan - it's a phrase well used (maybe over-used) by pros to describe a consistent ball strike or striker. Perfectly acceptable - unless you have an alternative you'd like me to consider. However, in the meantime I'll curb consider my phraseology in future. ED

Bob, you da maaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnn

It sure won't be Rose. He will not be there having just had +8 at Loch Lomond.

....told you ...... I still wouldn't bet on Justout.

Gee Barb, I'll have to conversate with some friends to see if we can come up with some new words for you to vocabularise.

Would like to see an English man win but dont think it will happening for a while and would prefer it to be someone from our tour.VJ's putting just isnt there at the moment and Ernie isnt playing at his normal high standard but will be about come sunday. Tiger's still favourite with the bookies, yea right!!! Think his true game will be highlighted big time next week. No more wicked short game getting him this one!!!Phil Mickelson is my favourite he was at troon on wednessday and will be at troon from Saturday I cant help but think that might be out choice!!!!!

just put a tenner on tiger...his spell cant last that long...and I just got a funny feeling.....

......same feeling but for Monty.

My monies on Westwood or Monty. Not sure if I have the same funny feeling, perhaps it's flu.

look out for Campbell, great e/w price, seems to be getting his game together. Gotta feeling VJ might be inthere too!


I'm with Alan on this one....Monty seems to have the right mind set for it now, if only he could play all four rounds with Ernie then he would have a ready made body guard to deal with all those click happy photographers.

David Howell E/W. Seems to be on the leaderboard every week.Might be worth a tenner each way.

Monty will be ok with his own fan club - it's his ex wife's fan club that p*sses him off.

At last someone mentions David Howell. One of the most consistant players on tour has made 28 cuts in a row. Last missed a cut in Ireland July last year. However he is going into the open with a new caddy after splitting with Jason Hempleman (his friend and caddy since turning pro) after Loch Lomond. Does anyone know the story there. I can't help feeling that a new caddy going into the Open can't be the best thing to do!

Ben Curtis had a different caddy on his bag last year and he didn't do too badly! Having said that he hadn't split from his caddy, he'd given him the week off and used John Bickerton's man instead. I believe Bickerton's old caddy is Curtis's bag man full time now.

Is that because Bickerton's old caddy enjoys weekends off??? :-)

My moneys on Sergio Garcia. He is in good form with recent wins in the Byron Nelson Classic and the Buick Classic. He has finished in the top ten in the last three opens. This is one tournament he is keen to win.

It's obvious from your posts that you don't even consider Mickleson then!I believe he'll be there come Sunday. He's learnt a lot this past year and is a better player for it. Sensible off the tee and attacks the pin when required. Has the short game to deal with Troon.I followed him last year and he was awesome around the greens. As for Luke Donald.. I'd like him to do well also but after seeing him use a lob wedge from the fringe on the par 3(6th?) and end up with a four!!! He'll learn but he'll be lucky to make the cut.

I've had an each way bet on Westwood at 100/1. If he holds it together he might win me some money!I've also gone for Goosen doing the double!!!

Stop press: Just been talking to a young amateur from my club who got through to the final qualifying at Western Gailes. He's just got back from Troon and has been with the Pro's on the range and close up on the course. He says, watch Stuart Appleby and Chad Campbell they are both tearing the course to pieces along with......a guy called Tiger Woods who's hitting the ball very well by all accounts (dont forget how good this guys short game is, one good week off the tee and he could demolish the field).My pick is Garcia but I'm not confident enough to have money hinging on it.