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'Says Norman, who played Macgregor in the 1970s: "With the technology coming out of their R&D in Japan, MacGregor understand what the masses really need in a set of golf clubs. This is a wonderful opportunity as I wind down my career over the next couple years to be able to give something back to the game of golf." ' Quick, pass me the sick bag.....

Lol.I don't see why he has joined MacGregor. I mean, he has about passed it. He might be able to spend a few seasons on the Senior Tour, but it's not like he is going to make MacGregor a bigger name.

Its all about the benjamins for the Normster these days.

Maybe a good chance to capture the ski market for people like me who remember him well and know we are too old to swing it like Tiger.

Or it could be that they make decent kit???Nah, $$$'s everytime!

It was the bit about giving something back to golf that made me laugh. Yeah, right.Had to think about it, Jim, but got there in the end - Spending Kids Inheritance. Too right, I'm not leaving any for my offspring if they've got jobs and houses!

Have to say that the V-Foils are superb irons, though. I've played them for two years now and IMO they're right up there with Mizuno and Titleist.Peter

I've got 2 sets Peter: the 1025C's which I've had for two years and now the 1025M's which I bought a couple of months back.At the time the 1025C's were up against the MX-20's - they won on both feel and aesthetics (to me).I wasn't considering the 1025M's as I was sure I would end up with a set of Mizuno's (MP-33's). I tried the 1025M's and found - once again - that I liked the feel a lot more than the Mizuno's. Looks was a tough one as I think that the design of the MP-33 iron is just about perfect (personally).Just goes to show you doesn't it. I still reckon Greg's after a few twilight $$$'s - and as someone who was No. 1 for such a long time and a multiple major winner then that's ok by me.The difference is that he'll probably get a really pleasant surprise when he comes to use them. Can you imagine Phil Micklesons reaction when moving to Callaway from Titleist: "What the <<expletive deleted because I promised Bob>> are these!?!"Look out for next year's MacGregor blades Peter, they are the dog's danglies. Clean looking with a lovely satin finish.

Chris, absolutely agree. I've got the 1025CBs. They look fantastic and have wonderful feel.It's just that the chap at the end of them lets them down too frequently... :-(As for Greg - I don't have a problem with him endorsing MacGregor. He is universally respected in the game for what he has achieved.I'm much more worried about Aaron Baddeley as a figureghead for them. He seems to be p****ng his considerable talent away (only just retained his US Tour card this year) by concentrating on his "brand image" rather than on his golf.Ah well, I hear Paul Casey is looking for a new equipment sponsor... ;-)

I've no problem with Greg endorsing MacGregor either - but can anyone explain how this deal results in him "givng something back to golf?".

I bet he didn't come up with that quote himself. It must have been written for him by some marketing bozo.

Norman is and was ever only interested in one thing $$$$ - Never to popular in his native Oz - seen as too interested in the commercial side, endorsments etc

indeed - sully he aint giving nothing back apart from a bigger price tag because of his endorsement.