Masters Par 3 Competition

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Masters Par 3 Competition

Did not watch it this time but caught the Par 3 Competition last year for the first time and after watching and seeing how its all done as a bit of a laugh with all sorts of celebs & family members caddieing and being allowed to hit some of the shots is it not pointless noting who wins the event, enjoyed watching it but just think the media make it out to be more than it is. Roll on the main event though . 

Yes just a bit fun Totally agree with you media take it to far

But its good watching all the ex winners play in it

The 1955 winner was there this year - he's now 91 and I think managed 7 over It was also abandoned due to storms in the area - hope they don't come back today or tomorrow

Just a little tradition, putting on a show for the fans.  I wacthed a little of it, but roll on 7pm tonight

Infact i wish the 'winner' of this knock about did win the 'main course' then might shut the Media up a little. Och i'm just getting restless as i'm Hank Marvin!!!!!! . 

My course is doing a wee Par 3 competition at our practice course.  Nice idea with family activities on Easter Sunday and all that stuff... Good to see the fun side of golf.

The Par 3 comp got rained off. Hope the weather doesn't ruin the Masters.

'Guess Padster won't be winning the Masters having won the Par 3 .The weather looks ok at the moment but the forecast is variable for the Masters so fingers crossed Tim . 

I personally really enjoy the par 3 comp, love to see all the past champions out there. was great to see Gary Player birdie the 1st last night