Masters: Who is the best to never win?

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Masters: Who is the best to never win?
Only watched the video once, but it's very US-heavy - think I counted 8 out of the 10. Who would you consider the best to never win The Masters?

Would Luke, Lee and Rory be up there?

Norman, Monty, Westwood. Rory is just starting, early days for him.

Trevino - Said the course requiring lot of right handed draws didn't suit his game.

I would say a player who won many majors but not the masters is higher ranking than a player who has never won ANY major. Considering Luke, lee, monty etc haven't won any major they don't come close.

Doh! First time I looked at this I thought the film was just another ad so didn't play it. Good to see I got the #1 though :-)

Norman - deffo - cruelly beaten by Faldo ( and himself )

Ernie Els, for me

video is very American centric to say the least - majority are/were consistent PGA Tour winners (more so than 'great' players) - may as well have added the likes of Jerry Pate , Lanny Wadkins & John Mahaffey on the list  ... anyway , Greg Norman should have won one

Gotta be Greg. As a discussion point, John Daly - hugely long for his time, with a sublime short game. Augusta could have been made for him (if he had an ounce of sense)

I would agree with the people who compiled the video, Lee Trevino and Greg Norman but I would have added Els and Monty. Monty must go down as the best player never to have won any major.

While not "The Best" to have never won a major, I've always thought Adam Scott was good enough to bag one or two. I saw him in the Open at Birkdale, and on a very windy day, his ball striking was among the very best. Like Sergio, still plenty of years if he still has the desire.

Norman and Els by some distance. I would discount Trevino and Monty as there game's dont suit Augusta whereas Norman's and Els' do / did.