new folder for pro news / views

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new folder for pro news / views
Hi - as requested in one of the other folders, here's a new folder for all the discussions on the pros, their tours, tournaments, etc. We've had lots recently about Ryder Cup captains, and there's always plenty around the Majors, so it seemed a sensible route to split them out into a folder all for themselves, for ease. Thanks The Venetian for the suggestion.

By the way, we'll be transferring some of the pro threads from the general folder into this one, which should make more sense.

Makes excellent sense, Adam. Now, if only something would happen to get us all juiced...!

Suddenly it's all gone a bit quiet. World events have put sport and, let's face it, some of the obscene rewards received for taking part, into perspective.
Apart from dear old Fred Funk, the game's current court jester who's taking part in this week's World Matchplay at Wentworth, the top US players aren't travelling, preferring to stay close to home, no materr what cheque books are waved under their noses. Can we blame them? Perhaps, to give us a boost, Ulrika should take up golf!