Nick? Not a hope

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Nick? Not a hope
Bob - don't you think that Tiger's inexperience will count against him? When you say he's been doing homework, do you just mean he's been studying videos? Is that enough?

Go Faldo!! Reminicent of The Bear taing the 86 Masters! Too old? Not likely!

Mind you, can't see it happening!

Tiger's INEXPERIENCE! He hadn't seen Bethpage until a week before - didn't do so bad, and there aren't many videos of that place. Muirfield is one of the most filmed courses in the world - and he's got a tongue in his head. No, sorry, inexperience won't wash - Tiger's got it taped and it will be thrilling to see him work it all out. Faldo? Has much improved his image and wil probably make the cut, just to give the early morning weekend viewers something to watch as the 'under card' before the main event on Saturday and Sunday afternoon. Tiger by five.

I heard that Tiger had neen to NY weeks before the US Open to play Bethpage - is that not right?

Bob. Pat Cash said he'd wear Sue Barker's dress on TV if Tim Henman got through to the Wimbledon final. What are you prepared to do if Nick Faldo makes the cut for this weekend?

Don't start! I just said it was doubtful he would break par, though that may be enough to make the cut. I'm afraid I can see the 'Poor old Nick' headlines now. I take nothing back but will hold my hands up if I'm wrong. Us journalists always do!