Nobody watching the Masters??

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Nobody watching the Masters??

Given that this is a golf forum, I'm rather surprised that no-one is talking about the first major of the year.

Any comments on Ernie's putting on 1st?

Jordan's opening round?

The Azaleas this year?


Monty's usual irrirating commentary? The pompous music underneath shots of the leaderboard? Justin's chances? Hello? Anybody? Perhaps this is no longer a golf forum...............

By the time I started watching Spieth had finished, haven't seen Ernie's 7 putt, the flowers look nice. Shane Lowry's having a great round as is Danny Willett.

Maybe I should start a thread about the weather or Muslims or Brexit or solid wood furniture, then it might get a response. Or maybe I should just ignore this forum and join a golf one.

Bubba's having a bit of a mare but getting away with it,

Or maybe he's not going to get away with it...

Aphibarnrat's a chubby chappy...not too much gym work in his daily routine I daresay

Is it me or HDTV but are the greens more mottled than usual? - pretty fast and set to firm up over the weekend. Thank God know lightning delays threatened, oddly not an ironic comment as unlike most Augusta residents I don't believe in any such 'imaginary friends'. Looks like Bubba's lost it literally and metaphorically.

There are some brownish patches - someone will get fired....

Saw an advert from YGT, Masters packages for 2017 @ £2295pp. It's our 25th wedding anniversary next year, could be a possibility.

Go for it I say, perhaps that is where all the keen contributors to this forum are?

Very tempted, it'd be a once in a lifetime experience.

Just watched casey's interview on the masters website. He comes across as a top bloke!  Els's 7 putt was just plain painful.. he might take up drinking again as a result !  Mr fowlers round was a mess too!  Go poulty though! Nicely seated amongst top 5 The youngsters matt fitz and chris wood are hanging in there too. Justin rose looked a bit gaunt and weary in his interview, nailed some monster putts apperently. Maybe he's pushed himself a little hard coming into this tourney???

Agree with you Tom about Justin, didn't look his usual self. Speith was finished before I started watching, sounded like he kept it tidy all the way round. i hope it's a close finish on Sunday, I enjoy hearing the roars from around the course on the back 9.  It makes it more exciting than watching someone stroll home 4 or 5 shots clear.

Its on in the middle of the night here and only on Foxtel Sport. Have to catch up online.

I watched via my laptop linked into the TV so couldn't post on here. (Sorry DS) Els should have a look at himself over that unprofessional exhibition. Utter disgrace.  o0oooo Sergio going well. I'd love him to win. I thought he was on his way out wasn't he two over?  Lowry must have made a balls of the back nine! (I was in bed knackered. Sorry DS). Bubba looked totally disinterested and should just fluck off. I'll play instead.  Roll on tomorrows viewing. 

Fowler had a nightmare.

  • Bubba acting like a petulant child.
  • Els giving us hackers something to aspire to.
  • Day storming through the front 9 only to be slammed back to reality on the back 9.
  • Casey, Rose and Lowry going strong.
  • Good to see Fitz up there.
  • McIlroy having a typically mixed day.

  Loving it so far.

The greens looked a little ropey. 

The fairways looked better than my living room carpet. 

A lot of Brit / Irish interest at the moment, but I fear that this could be a runaway Speith victory. Looked good at one point with Day and Rory tucked in behind, but the Aussie melted and Rory leaked a little oil coming in. Would be epic to see the so called "big 3" slugging it out over the weekend.  

Beginning to get interesting - maybe we have a contest after all. No idea who to put a bet on except for Jordan or Rory. Any views?

It's getting very interesting

Thought it was going to be a Speith procession but it's beginning to get interesting now, unless you are a Rory fan.

Exactly! Rory what are you doing

Carnage! Loads of big names rattled. Don't feel so bad about my score in the medal last week now.

Why did you play at Augusta???

watching last night on sky.   Is golf the only sport where commentators tell you how difficult it is then congratulate the player who 9 out of ten times plays a great shot.   

Speith is being sent out first on his own, two hours ahead if the field. He might make it to the turn before the others catch him...

Oh totally.. he's painfully slow. They should put him with snedeker. He'd teach him how to speed up a little

imagine Spieth with allDay.  glacial at best.

What does it matter? He doesn't hold anyone up at the Masters.

Getting a bit interesting now after Jordan's meltdown at 12, come on Lee or Danny!