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On a roll
The sheer confidence and skill demonstrated at The Belfry by Monty, saw him take his rightful position as best European golfer. I reckon he'll capitalise on those results and win this competition. Anyone challenge that forecast?

Your Probably right alan.

Me and Monty have so much in common, apart from me being younger, thinner a helluva lot better looking and obviously a helluva lot poorer.But like Monty soon as the Majors (club championship etc) come along I sh*t my troosers, But quite often win midweek medal comps or Pro sweeps on a Sunday.

Seriously though i'd give my left ball to see him win that elusive Major

Is Monty poorer than you?

i reckon he'll be a bit too drainedto have to put up with an amatuer for three days AND play well, as will all the ryder cup men perhaps - i'd love to be proven wrong (purely cos i have not placed any money on the outcome!)..maybe lawrie might shine again, or rose.....

I think this is the ideal decompression Tournament for the Ryder Cuppers. Not that it's easy, not on those courses, but the ams bring the thing to a more club weekend atmosphere (which is why, in my view, they should not be there); for those nine this week, they can coast.

They may actually do well -- it's others who have things on the line. Retief and Ernie (the latter with his pager well-primed) are battling for the OM, and it's very close. Westwood, with a sufficiently high finish, has the most of the RC team to gain -- he could get into the Volvo Masters. He is also probably the most hung over of the group (aside from now-withdrawn Sam). Lawrie always has to prove something. He didn't even get put in the best rotation (the one that plays St. Andrews two days running). Goose and Els did.

But there is something to be said for playing Tour events with amateurs. I agree with Woosie of several years ago: once a week is enough, and maybe not every Wednesday.

My tips for this week are Goosen and Rose.