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This is OUR major. No-one have any thoughts on how it will shake out? Me, I think Els is looking awfully good after Loch Lomond, but I suspect that the course might just confound a few players, and possibly a dark horse could come through. That would be fun. I'd like to see someone like Dredge or Fulke put the boots to the transatlantic hordes!

Sounds like some good calls there, Ghillie and it will take players with a lot of patience and mental strength to challenge because they're going to get a lot of bad bounces and miserable lies. The conditions are very Oz-like, hard and fast and that could be significant - Parry's been practising on the course for six days, Allenby and Appleby both have good records, and Lonard's very straight. Tim Clark and Ian Poulter, who'll thrive on the atomosphere, will go well, too.
Don't think Tiger's had long enough and Ernie will disappoint. An Aussie for me - one of the above.

Freddie Jacobson @66-1 has got to be good for an each way bet.

Surely Big Darren will come good this week! "Go-ayn ye!" Or"Porridge" Harrington is due a good week! I backed him each way at Augusta and he missed the bleedin' cut!!

Padraig's been a bit quiet recently- but could always produce the goods. I am going for Ernie- recent form and mental strength combined - he will be tough to beat! I like your recommendation of Tim Clarke Bob- who knows? I don't think Tiger is ready yet though - but will certainly be a tough contest whichever way it goes. Go the Big Easy!

Lonard could go OK make bit of a showing is he a dark enuf horse aquired bit experience by now @ this level was he not only a five off @ Lomond


I've said on a nother thread that I think Nick Price is a good each way bet. I also think you can't count out someone like Faldo or Langer for a good top 10 finish. From the states, Kenny Perry has had a good run recently and then you have the usual suspects.

The weather will be scorching so good iron play will be essential so look for a good shot maker.

Personally I'd like to see a home winner and think Monty might shine if he gets the putter going and Darren Clarke has the same demon to conquer. But I hope Harrington does it.

paul lawrie at 125/1 is a great bet a former winner who grew up on links courses

In a game I play in the US, where you're only allowed one player from the OWGR top ten, I took Els, Clarke, Harrington and Rose. I play an ET game where you have to pick ET players and only one can be from the top 20 of the Volvo OM. Haven't decided yet, but will probably pick Els again as he's bound to make SOME money; I'm reading all your posts for insight (I'm WAY behind in this game for the year, and need a big win, and the chief opponent has several of my favourites).

ESPN runs a majors challenge where you can pick anyone but they assign a "salary cap" of $50 million, based on what the geniuses at ESPN think the players are worth. Els again, but I've changed all over the place almost hourly -- Westwood is still on there, and I suspect I had better get him off, though it would be nice.

I seriously considered Jacobson -- but he's expensive on ESPN after his excellent US showings. I like to pick a Swede (there's usually one in the mix. Maybe someone could explain to me how Parnevik is even IN the Open).

Sentimentally, I hope Sandy Lyle confounds them all!

P.S. Perry has only played one other Open, about a 12 years ago, and was useless. Can't see him managing this...if I were going to pick an American, I'd be looking at Toms, the quiet assassin, who can handle low ball flight and is patient and imaginative.

Woods has to much pressure to score a victory at the British Open. It will probably be an Aussie or an Englishman.
Don't count out ViJay.

Philip Price for my money. Not long but accurate and he's relatively on fire after the last couple of weeks. Loch Lomond he was striding round brimming with confidence.

As the Gargamel would say

its not an easy road, who fears it knows

Im going to have a wee flutter on Clarke..i still think he`s going to win one of the big ones one day.One of these days its all going to happen for him and the others will be left 25/1 its worth a few quid.

I can picture him now sinking the winning putt and lighting up a cigar bigger than my driver !

Both Retief Goosen, and young Justin Rose, have been quiet this year,good individual rounds, but not the four days.
Both are too technically competant,and with excellant swings could do themselves some good at "The Open"

Angel Cabrera or his countryman "El Gatto" Eduardo Romero are my "each way" bets, I reckon I could easily be getting my money back!

My monies are on V.J. Just think he's the man to do it. Tiger will be round and about but I don't think he'll win.

Some very tempting long e/w's floating around :

Paul Lawrie - 100-1
Ian Poulter - 150-1
Ian Woosnam - 300-1

on recent form and Open record, Mark McNulty must be good e/w value at 200-1.

Quite fancy a Justin double-bet for outright winner = Rose or Leonard.

It's hard to look past The Big Easy after the way he played last week,and being defending champion. So I take Ernie to win!

A couple of good e/w predictions will be the Price boys - Nick and Phil. Nick doesn't hit as long as the others,but you dont have to on links courses,he'll just plot his way round.

Phil is going through a purple patch-winning in Ireland and r/up in a couple- he is brimming with confidence.

Ernie is in great form and tempo like his is always key if the wind blows. He's also more patient than he used to be which he'll need to be. Odds a bit short for me to back in The Open though !

Agree on the Prices, Nick can still manage his way around a course with the best and his iron control and long-putting are great strengths on these greens. Phil is in great form but I'm not sure he likes it blowy so may depend on the weather a bit but must be v confident.

It's fascinating stuff but everyone - apart from me and Victor - seem to be stating the bleedin obvious. Stick your necks out a bit - give us a Paul Lawrie-style winner from out of the pack.

With William Hill slashing Robert Allenby's odds from 80-1 to 50-1 because a couple of punters stuck a couple of grand on him today in London and Newcastle - my Oz-fest predictions are looking gud, mite!

Right you are Bob, I'm off down the bookies now with a tenner that's got Shigeki Maruyama written all over it !!!

I've heard about those tenners Graham, buy them down the eastend, 50 for a fiver :)

Well, I had my flutter and have had a few each way bets. Harrington (25-1) Nick Price (40 - 1) and my out of the blue Trevor Immelman (150 -1). Hopefully the later will win at that price.

That's more like lads. Maruyama, eh? Can you imagine the vibrations around the world if that one comes off! The Japanese have never had a major winner and if the 'Smiler' does it they'll make him Emperor.

Just had a thought...Verplank, Estes in a playoff - straight hitters, solid putters, no emotion - it could happen! You read it here first.

Monti talent/background OK but believe RSG many holes high blind shotmaking req can he handle that? & is his temprement a fable?

I have no real idea but still fancy Lonard as he has the ability & shot making @ those blind carries like Norman did

Norman's drug testing (or was that Ms player

I believe Lonard's Ross River condition req steroid treatment pity if it caused problem & could be others with medical problems

It's lookin' open, lads. What Jacobson did in America...can he do it here? Or Dredge? Or Monty?

Hours away as I write. Over here, we get (appalling, Tiger-driven, whatever his position) coverage from ABC in America. But, being in Canada, our sports network takes BBC for the first three hours, before ESPN has finished with its infomercials. The difference is night and day, so I leave you in order to get my beauty sleep so I do not miss a moment of the GOOD stuff!

Happy Open, All!


If yu beliv pussycat (wot slump)its simple no one elsae in the race just a forgone lay down misere between Im & Els

Ar Ar

Wot odds on Lonard ? @ 40p to Oz buck any of yuse suckers wanna risk cover a couple ?


neck stuck out- Trevor Immelman and Justin Rose

Interesting comment

"You create your own luck by the way you play. There is no such luck as bad luck. Fate has nothing to do with success or failure, because that is a negative philosophy that indicts one's confidence, & I'll have no part of it."

-- Greg Norman

I have a hunch about the Aussies but didn't consider Greg as a potential winner again. Just goes to show...