Paul casey - what a *****

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Paul casey - what a *****

has hole in one - gutted cos he's promised his caddy half the prize

finds out there's no prize on that hole - laughs his arse off as his caddie no longer has anything to split.

Like I say.....

EDIT: Short blog and video of said incident now attached to this thread. (Or click here.)

not my favourite golfer by a long shot

Edited the headline F-s . . . open forum - kids and all that   You're absolutely right though - a <sharp scratch>

These Nike players are all the same

Yes watched it. My only problem is that you missed out the "smug" between "a" and "*****"!

...but it was a bit funny

Was that Luke Donald's brother (and previous caddy)? If so, not exactly scratching for tips then. Has probably had a bit of a lean period though after Casey's snowboarding accident! 

yes he is a tw@t

Got to be honest I thought it was funny! not a Casey fan but I laughed when I saw it last night!

I'll second that M M , thought it was a funny interlude from someone I had thought to be charismaless

RATM.COM wrote (see)

Taz? Why do you edit the title and then write the exact same word in your post?? Odd...

Because the headline is on the latest posts page, whether you enter the thread or not. Because the implication is in the thread and someone was bound to make a similar comment anyway, thought I would do the same . . . and so  F-s doesn't feel like he's had a slapped wrist.

nothing wrong

I'd have to agree, I think it was just friendly banter between a couple of lads who I would assume are quite close. No different really from barracking your mate as he's just plonked one in the drink

Just a bit of banter for me.  Don't see that Casey has done anything wrong.

Nothing wrong IMO, quite funny, bit of banter between two mates.

i take it the original poster isnt a casey fan,  no need to go overboard it was just a bit of fun between two mates.

cant see anything wrong either, thought it was a good laugh watching it

It was just banter, taken in good spirits by all concerned. But go ahead, see what you want to see.....

You think that was bad. Lucky you didn't spend two days with me and funky at the sham bash. ! I was really supportive when he topped his tee shot into the water on the last hole. A hole where he needed to score well to beat the north captain yorkie! A feat he failed to achieve.

^^^ Peng, oh how i smiled when Funky topped that final tee shot

This was possibly one of the funniest things I've seen on the tour case of he who laughs first laughs last I think

Exactly, just harmless banter and good to see some humour on the course for a change.

I've never been Casey's biggest fan but even I can see that it was just banter between the two of them. I found it funny.

No it wasnt lukes brother The caddies reactions were brilliant how to go from ecstasy to gutted in 2 seconds I dont mind his reaction but didnt he say after he would have been gutted had he have to give half of it to his caddy, if so thats a bit off

If you saw the interview they did with David Livingstone on Sky after the round the banter continued Casey suggested that Connelly - his caddy - had more than enough money to buy himself a car anyway - and Livingstone joined in and asked why he - Connelly - had had to fly economy to miami from the UK if he was so well off - lots of smiles and laughter all round All lots of good banter IMHO

Just knew the Casey haters would jump on this one! Looked like good banter between the two of them to me.  A lot of life on tour is spent taking the p**s out of each other, no doubt his caddie will get ripped by fellow caddies for his initial re-action. He probably earns at least £100k a year from Casey's bag, so don't feel too sorry for him.

thought it was funny even the caddy thought it was funny, im sure that caddy has more money that all of us

Hate using the word 'banter' but I do agree, he's not done too much wrong here I don't think! Surely it was good of Casey in the first place to offer 1/2 of the prize, or is that the norm?

Watched it live at the time and had a little chuckle.  Didn't realise he was thought so badly of here but when I was watching it I thought it was quite funny.  I think he'll know his caddy well enough to know whether he'd be upset by his "banter".  I'd imagine as a pro the last thing you want to do is have a cadyy with a grudge after you!

how much % of the win does the caddy get?

Josh The Nosh wrote (see)

how much % of the win does the caddy get?

There's no set formula Josh, some caddies will be on a retainer with a small percentage of any winnings on top, others will be on a larger percentage but will get nothing if their man misses the cut.