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Paul Casey
"Paul Casey has had counselling to help him cope with the fall-out of his anti-American remarks last year. Casey said he "hated" Americans, but claimed the comments were made in the context of the Ryder Cup. "The players I spoke to about everything that had gone on showed understanding," said the Englishman. "But it was all the people to whom I couldn't give an explanation that concerned me and prompted me to get professional help." He added: "The hurt I've caused will be a huge regret for the rest of my life." Having gone through the American college system at Arizona State University, Casey lives in Phoenix and has an American girlfriend. He is due to compete in the Nissan Open, which starts in Los Angeles on Thursday." from OK, this is a joke, right ? We need smileys on this forum - I need a shaking-head one, a rolling-eyes one, and a laughing-my-a*se-off one, all for this post.

The name "Ratner" suddenly springs to mind for no apparant reason.

Checks the calendar to ensure it isnt April 1st!If he really said that, he's deffo lived in the USA for longer than is good for one's health!

I think congratulations are due to the red-tops for publishing some out of context quotes in a way that supported their own xenophobic rantings, while shifting the blame to a Paul Casey.The only thing he is truly guilty of is naivety. You and I know better than to trust the media, you would think someone who has to deal with them on a regular basis would be more careful.Paul, you don't need counselling. You need better PR.