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PGA Tips!
So guys who are your tips for the PGA? (No tea jokes about the thread title!)Mine would have to be Ernie although i do have a sneaking suspicion that Tiger may do something. I cant see a short hitter winning it

I'm with you - one of the big boys. Check out some stats on the course bunkers! 7500 yds! par4's over 500 yds!I'd be lucky to break 150!

I have a sneaking feeling for Tiger too, but his driver will have to behave.I think Adam Scott is a good E.W bet. His major record is not on a par with his ability, I think he's due a good major result, and this is just the course for him.In fact, I've already placed a bet on Scott to finish top 5, and Casey to finish top European.Although I've not won a single penny from any of my golf bets this year!!I trust "Uncle Bob" won't be tipping young Luke this time????

Nah! I personally don't think big driving holds much of an advantage on this course. By the time you've bombed one 300+ yards the course narrows so they'll have to be very accurate. The shorter hitteers have more chance of finding the fairways as they're wider at the shorter disctancePersonally, I'd choose a modest length hitter whose accurate rather than flailing length, maybe Chris DiMarco or Scott Verplank.

I have to disagree Paul. This is going to to be longest course in Major history at nearly 7600 yards with 3 par 4's in excess of 500 yards and if the wind blows it will play longer! I just cant see how the shorter hitters will copeI wouldnt pick Chris DiMarco after the way he played the last 2 days of The International. He was all over the place and had something like 14 bogey's in 23 holes!

Big John

Big Phil

Big Daddy

Big Al!

have lost money on big john a few times this ear, but would love to see him make a charge to cement a place in the ryder cup team, also the distance the Mickelson and Els hit their 3-woods could give them a big advantage. The heart says Darren Clarke, but it's unlikely........

Im going for big John. He's playing well at the moment and this course will suit him.

It's between Garcia or Love 3rd.

If your talking about a links course with penal rough, narrow fairways, terrible bounces, lightning greens.......Have to be Paul Lawrie. He won on the last course setup like that; Carnoustie!!Failing that I'd love to see the big Easy do something, but he's still heartbroken after Troon.

Paul Lawrie has no chance.That's because he's not playing!

HE wouldnt have had any chance if he was!

Woods, Vijay and Big John drawn together on the first day, that will be a match worth watching!

the wind is blowing, this is going to be a lotto,but I still think big phil

Hottest Tip for the PGA is.......Hi everyone,The best tip is They are highly recommended. I have backed Sergio with them and cannot wait for my winnings - yahoo!

Sam,Are you advertising? Looks like you've posted 2 threads bragging about how great 'golfinggods' website is. Do you work for them?

J.D. has got to be a good outside bet. If the wind is blowing then my money would be on a genetically modified Daly/Ballesteros clone type thingy.

Er!Darren Clarke*this was posted at 9 am on Wednesday but Bob fergot to publish it*

Tough course?Darren's 6 under after 8 holes --- C'MON DAZ!!!!!

& Tiger is 2 over after 6 ... he'll miss the cut.*cough*

Who was the last wire to wire winner at a major ..... ??? It was probably woods at pebble beach ???


uh-oh long john is +9 - hope you lot didn't put anything on him

I placed each way bets on big John, Tiger and Lee Westwood!!!!!!!!!


small ones I hope!You're from Kent right (I grew up in Canterbury). Where do you play down there. I'm looking to try and move back that way if I can find a job.

Small enough to be covered by my EW bet on Ernie!I'm a member at Hemstead Forest (fantastic course and cheap, cheap fees) near Cranbrook and I also play at Leeds Castle (is this the best looking pay and play in the country?), Staplehurst (when my game falls apart and I need wide open fairways to practice on), Great Chart (more like crazy golf!). Looking forward to playing Chart Hills shortly, walked it during the Ladies English Open and it looks fantastic apart from the frightening tee shot on the 9th.


I've only played Prince's (next door to St. George's) and Canterbury down that way. Both good courses. I want to play St Georges itself (had a sneaky putt on one of their greens when I was at prince's) and Deal one day (when I've saved up!).Chart Hills is the one with all the bunkers isn't it.

Sure is, I think that it's the 9th tee shot at CH where you are faced with a wall of bunkers!