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Phil Mickelson
After his opening round of 73 (+2) at the FBR Open, Phil manages to respond with a 60 (-11). I think if Phil was a lot more consistant, he could easily be World Number 1.

Fair point, Alex, although his opening 73 wasn't as bad as it looks. Thursday at the FBR was v. windy, there weren't many scores under par.

I know, there were winds of up to 50mph yesterday.

Sometimes Mickelson comes out of hibernation and reminds you that he's alive. Thinking of comebacks, Ernie is on the charge in Aus.

Phil is never likely to be number one (as good a player as he is) because he has a very good balance of family life to tournament golf. As a result he does not play in enough tournaments. How many other players would have voluntarily missed the Mercedes In Hawaii for example.

He probably plays more than Woods. (Except during his occasional disappearing acts).

I predict Els will take 3 majors this yr. Masters. The Open. US Open. Vijay for the PGA.You read it from the fengibbon first

Venetian - Are you OK? you seem a bit..........short

Still 5'6", Bill -- thanks for asking!

Careful - we're learning more about you all the time! ;-)

She'll have a sore throat,she yapped away about 2000 words on another thread tonight. Ryder Cup courses I think.I'd like to think if I had money I'd use it like Mickelson and spend loads of time with my family. It's only a job at the end of the day. If I made 4 or 5 million a year I'd retire after 2 months.

As most people retire to play golf what would do you reckon Phil would do?

Become a preacher.

I think he'd be a lard arse when he's older.Perhaps he can join the Golfmagic Fat Club?!

He's pretty lardy right now, Woof. There was a picture of him on ESPN's website a couple of days ago, after his albatross, that ought to embarrass him into the gym. (Or into a shop that sells what our grannies used to call "foundation garments"). He's generally known in the US as Phat Phil or Pudge, who has more Phil-Spill over his belt than ought to exist in a man his age. Never saw anyone who more cunningly combined baby fat and middle-aged spread. As for Kev...nah. Too easy.

I only said that because he's one of those annoying American golfer that's always saying,'gee whizz golly gosh well you know, God was walking down the stretch with me today and I just put my trust in the good Lord'

Does he, Kev? Not disputing it, but I've never heard him refer to God. "Gee whiz, golly gee" stuff, yes. I find him hokey and almost nauseatingly wholesome in a Leave it to Beaver sort of way. But I had never associated him with the Holy Rollers brigade, of which Lehman is a card-carrying member. For one thing, there's a time commitment to being one of them: the PGA Tour has a "worship" meeting every Wednesday might on Tour. It has HUGE attendance from the Tour players and some of the caddies.

Given there's so many of them, do they not get p*ssed off that God (a) doesn't "round robin" the tournament victories, and (b) seems to let an inordinate number of heathens win??

In football chant parlance - He's fatHe's gayHis drive is in the hayMickel-son, Mickel-son

I didn't think Mickelson was a sky jockey either.I quite like him actually. I wanted Ernie to win The Masters last year but I wasn't too dissapointed that Phil won it.I wish he'd play more worldwide though.

The PGA Tour wishes he would play more anywhere. There is no more of a homebody in all of golf. But he is certainly not keen on "abroad." In 2000 (the last year the AmEx was in Valderrama) he declined to come because he had already sewn up being the Number Two on the US money list and could not catch Woods for number one. I never heard a lamer excuse for skipping a World Golf Championship. But it's the way he thinks. And while he's not actually as rude as the likes of Davis Yawn III when it comes to travelling, it's all in the deeds -- and it is not there at all, aside from the Open and very few other forays, all years ago. (Loch Lomond counts as the Open!).

Would any of us be bothered considering the money and the bird he's got?Incidentally, I don't know why you are called 'The Venetian' but I am revisiting Venice in March...can you recommend any courses nearby. Obviously I realise not on Venice island...unless there is one!!

Never been there, I'm afraid. But there is a course on the Venice Lido -- I think it's called the Alberoni. Any of the hotels would be able to fix you up.

I think his wife is a bit of a plastic barbie doll looking thing!All teeth and blonde hair!But of course if she put it on a plate for me......!!

Not the most illuminating of threads ,this one,is it?.His wife was seriously ill,he tells all,he's a family man and he gets critised for that and he believes in god.Something seriously wrong with peoples perceptions when he does some many things that are right.Says a awful lot more about some of these posts.

VenetianIf you never visited Venezia why is your nickname The Venetian?Are you from Venice CA or Venice Fl by any chance?

Bite your tongue. Never been to either.A few years ago, a website had a little thing that gave you your "Mob nickname." You just typed in your name and the computer spat out what your "street" name should be. (It was at the height of the craze for The Sopranos). I got this.

Don using your GM name you have a mob name of 'six toes'. There's a thread going on about this just now.

It was interesting to see his nervous driver swing at the FBR 14th yesterday, obviously trying to hold on to his big lead - just goes to show no matter how good you are....the confidence can just go...

I know...if you read it you'll see I have posted already...Danger Prone

Have to admit am a bit of a PM fan.. esp when he hits it stiff and hollars.. come on right..even found meself sayin this a few times recently until me partners thought I was getting it on with me new Powakaddy.

Lol JP.I actually quite like him too. He's one of the best Golfers to watch when he gets going.Anybody see his 2nd Shot to the Par 5 out of the Desert with a 5 Iron? Superb.....

I dont think anyone in the world controls the trajectory and spin of the ball as well as him. His short game is unbelievable. The number of times he gets up and down from a dead lie.I went to the Scottish Open at Loch Lomond last year. After we had watched the days play we decided to go to an Italian Restaurant in Balloch for a meal. Who was sat on the next table...yup Phil Mickleson, along with Bones and Dave Peltz. Tom Lehman and his caddie were also there.He just seems like a really ordinary bloke, and he left a

He's flying at Pebble Beach at the moment.-6 through 8!