Pro golfers and lightning

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Pro golfers and lightning
Struck by lightning and won a major ? I heard this amazing fact a few years ago but have since forgotten the players that have done both. Who are they?

Lee Trevino

and Retief!


Have any been struck by lightning during a competition and gone on to win that competition. I bet not!Probably could hit a massive drive if you got struck just at the moment of impact

apparently the lightening strike completely changed Retief's personality and style of playing the game. A lot was written in the SA press after his first US Open victory. Before he was struck he was a lot more boisterous and 'showy' on the course (similar to Sergio), and now as we all now - he is a lot more unassuming and quiet. must have done the trick though!

Amazing what 10,000 volts up your jacksy will do for you :-)