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Pro's handicaps
Has anyone got any idea of what Pro's handicaps were at about 15? I am 15 and started about a year ago and i am off 7. I know after a year at 14 nick faldo was a 5 handicapper any one know any others? Just interested at my chances of pro golf!!!

Stop messing about on message boards and get practising!Only joking - best of luck Chiefy.

Well Heres a Snippet that Shows you what a Certain mr Woods was upto at about your Age.. Starting a Little bit earlier ;)"Born on December 30, 1975, Woods grew up in Cypress, California, 35 miles southeast of Los Angeles. He was not out of the crib before he took an interest in golf, at age 6 months, watching as his father hit golf balls into a net and imitating his swing. He appeared on the Mike Douglas Show at age 2, putting with Bob Hope. He shot 48 for nine holes at age 3 and was featured in Golf Digest at age 5. He won the Optimist International Junior tournament six times at ages 8, 9, 12, 13, 14 and 15.Tiger played in his first professional tournament in 1992, at age 16, the Nissan Los Angeles Open and in three more PGA TOUR events in 1993. He made the 36-hole cut and tied for 34th place in the 1994 Johnnie Walker Asian Classic in Thailand, and had three additional PGA TOUR appearances. He entered Stanford University in 1994 and in two years he won 10 collegiate events, concluding with the NCAA title. His other amateur victories included the 1994 Western Amateur. He represented the United States in the 1994 World Amateur Team Championships in France and the 1995 Walker Cup Match in Wales"Information Taken from Tigerwoods.comSo, You better get your Skates on !Paul.

When Garcia turned pro at 17 he was off about +5

I read somewhere that Ernie Els played off scratch at 14, Garcia was scratch at 13.Scott Henry, who has been Scottish Boys Champion for the last two years, plays off +3. I believe he is 16 or 17.My club had a really strong junior team when I was your age. I played off 5 at 15 and played no.7 or no.8 in an eight man team. We had one lad off +1, two off scratch and another couple off 1 and 2.Playing off 7 at your age is impressive, especially after only one year of playing, however there a lot of juniors of your age with handicap at or around scratch.I may be wrong here, but if you want to become a PGA teaching professional I think you have to have a handicap of 4 before becoming an assistant pro. However, if you have ambitions to become a successful tour pro, you should be around +4 as an amateur to have any chance of making it.Keep practising and good luck.

"He won the Optimist International Junior tournament six times at ages 8, 9, 12, 13, 14 and 15."He discovered girls at the age of 10, but gave them up 2 years later ;)

Greg Norman apparently took 2 years to go from beginner to scratch. So your doing well. Suggest you get some high quality tuition to progress further if you are that natural a player.

Cheers every one, yer i have just started having some lessons a month ago with a golf monthly top 25 coach and has given me a couple of pointers on my swing plane being flat and hitting off my right side a bit so hopefully this will help me.Would be very nice to be tour pro and my aim is to be scratch by begining of '06. and if that goes to plan then ya neva no hey!

Good luck Chiefy. At least these days you can test your ability on the Europro Tour, proper 4-round tournaments with a cut after 36 holes. To play in it you have to be a PGA pro, there are other tours such as the Hippo Tour (though it may have changed it's name now) where anyone can turn up, stump up the entry fee and play.

Just a bit of information from a junior 5 handicapperThe top juniors under age 18, in the country are off about +3 at this moment, the top amateur is at about +4 and james heath who has recently turned pro was off +5, you must see that there is a massive gap between your level and a 5 handicap, there is a greater gap from 5 to scratch and a huge gap from scratch to been a top junior in the coutry, this maybe repetative but it emphasises the difference. The gap between been a top amataur and a PGA tour pro is also huge. Sorry to put a downer on it but you have a long way to go and many lessons to learn. Good luck in getting there, scratch by start of '06, KEEP US POSTED, IT WILL BE INTERESTING TO KNOW OF YOUR PROGRESS.

I think Garcia had the lowest handicap ever or something, he was off +5.6, which meant he had to shoot -6 for net par !!!

I heard that too somewhere i remeber it was something stupid like that, he must have had that handicap when he was like 15 as well, because he turned pro when he abotu 16 or something stupid like that.

Out of an est 36 million golfers in the world maybe only 500 on all the tours combined make it big or so I read. Easier ways to make a million I think, if thats your goal !In common most top pros had affluent parents, who were providing facilities in their own back yards from infancy (Mickelson, Els) to allow junior to practice. Altenatively the parents were teaching pros (Torrance) or worked on golf courses (Palmer). So in essence you need a natural gift and to be exposed to golf quality tuition at an early age (at least teen on).Tiger didnt have much of the above in fairness but his parents gave him an incredible amount of self belief and support to make it, although they were not well off.Good luck.

I read that paul mcginley did not start playing golf until he was 19 and he is a brilliant golfer so i wouldn't worry you obviously have talent if you are off 7 after a year, just keep it up.Nicola

tiger was well off - he always says he is from a middle upper class family.

Apart from the talent you've got have the right attitude. You've got want something so bad that you'll put it before anything else. you've got to get out there and practise when there are a hundread things you'd rather be doing. A guy i work with has a son of 14 who's off 5. there are tons of youngsters in every sport that are very good, those that want it the most are the ones that succeed!


I think Paul Lawrie, Andrew Coltart and possibly Ian Poulter played off low single figures (1-4hcp)when they turned pro and whilst they haven't set the world alight they haven't done too badly so there is a possibility of you getting somewhere chiefy. Just keep up the hard work!!

I think anyone with a naturally good swing, a good understanding of golf and the genuine drive to do better could turn pro. Whether they'd be as good as the best, is another matter, but they could certainly earn a living.

Comsidering You need to make about 60,000 grand a year on tour they would have to play pretty darn good, people have the common misconception that once your a pro your an automatic millionaire, its really not like that, You need to be good, really, good to be playing the european tour so any half decent player will end up playing the challenge tour and winning on there is a different kettle of fish. Good luck but you need to have more than a little bit of skill, you need have lots of it, you need to be shooting at least ten-under for 4 round at the age your at now to have a chance on tour. My ex-boss at the club i was working at last summer told me of a kid he knew about 15 years ago, He was 14 years old at the time, the player i mean, he was 6 under through 12 and took a 10 the par 4 13, he continued to play the round out and made an eagle and 3 birdies over the last 5 holes to finish 5 under. He was called Robert lee i believe, he had a year on tour and couldn't make anything at it, i think he's a club pro somewhere not.

Robert Lee works for sky sports. He is a presenter on World of Golf, he is also a top teacher, teaching tour pro's. So he hasn't done too badly. Also if you look at what I said earlier you'll see that you don't have to be shooting 10 under over four rounds at 15 years of age. There's still plenty of time to improve Chiefy!!

Really, didn't know that, robert was a very good player in his youth as was justin rose, he was off +3 at the age of 14, really to be a top junior in the country you need to be playing off +2 at least, the top juniors are at about plus 3. Therefore, you should be shooting at least 10under for 4 rounds, As an example, oliver fisher, who played in the walker cup a few weeks ago, shot 7 under for 2 rounds at burhill in the faldo series final. James heath shot 17-under par for 4 rounds to with the lytham trophy i believe last year. This cheify kid needs to seriously up his game if he wants to become a pga tour pro or a pro making any kind of living through playing. He's not a player to say he's only been playing a year and hes obviously playing a relativly good standard

Look at what I said about Coltart, Lawrie and Poulter.

Yes but even though Coltart, Lawrie and Poulter were/are good players, they must have had some amazingly lucky breaks to get where they are, i kind of agree with danny, you really do need to be somerthing special, very special.but keep it up cheify, i wish that after a year i was as good as you.

What I've been trying to say is that you don't have to be great at 15 yrs of age to make it. There are possibilities for people who are dedicated and work hard (you need more than luck). The reason I disagreed with Danny is that he seems to be trying to put the mockers on chiefy's hopes with silly comments like "there's a massive difference between a 5 handicap and a 7 handicap". There isn't! There is difference of two strokes over 18 holes or 1 stroke over 9 holes. Not a lot really is it? I know most young players who go on to be tour pro's had plus handicaps in their youth but not all of them did, even Faldo started late.Stick at it Chiefy, you never know mate!!

I was off 5 and 15 and if I had my time again then I would work a lot harder at my game, but I discovered girls also played football then few years later the drinking and going out. Wish I'd just stuck at golf!Anyway just turned 39 years of age now off 2 played for my county a few times and still looking to get down to scratch before I'm 40Chiefy you have got to be so dedicated its unrea, so many sacrifices to make if you want to make living out of it. Good luck though !

Technically there is only 2 shots between 5 and 7 handicaps, what i really mean is that there is a great gap between a guy that shoots 5 over and under regurarly and a guy that shoots 7over and over regurarly. By the way whats your average round over par cheify, and can you actually play to seven or do you think that you play to a handicap thats less than 7. All i was saying is that there is a great difference between good and having the ability to turn pro. Look at the successes of players such as justin rose, darren clarke and golfers like that, they were county champions at aged 15, i bet the top junior in cheifys county is off at least plus 2, thats the standard you need to be in todays game to get anywhere in the professional paid ranks. I think it takes more than hard work and all that, to become a week in week out season pro you need a lot of natural ability and skill that you simply can't teach.

Chiefy, how's the progress going?Anyone know the earnings of an average tour player? I mean including sponsorships. I'm sure you don't have to win tournaments to earn a basic.

As i've put before You have to ear at least 60k to cover the costs of been on tour, i dont know the sponsor ship deals and what they entail but tiger woods earns around


@DannyYeah, but it's the earnings of an average tour player I'm interested in, not the costs.

As i say to keep your tour card i think its closer to 100k anyway. Have a look on and have a look at the order of merit figures from last year that will tell you. I would say that a player such as martin maritz or rob jan derksen is what i would consider an average tour player

Thanks for the link, I guess now I see why they're covered in advertising - I won't be so harsh in my judgements in future!

Yeah, You can now understand why they have alsorts of differnt logos and brand names covering their persons head to toe, its just the same as in F1 and MOTO GP though, when they finish the race they get a team cap that they have to wear on the podeum, that is totally covered by the team colours and the hundreds of sponsors they have.

hello, just got back from a round of 70 at my local club. in a medal.:-D ive been cut to 4.7 now and still improving ...its goin good, i turn 16 in december so im going to try and get to a 3 handicap by then. also holed out on the 18th from 40 yrds today...luvin it!!

p.s. the course is par 72.

Well done chiefy, keep up the good work. Danny said earlier that you need a lot of natural ability to become a pro. Well I think getting down to 4.7 in a year proves you have that. Well done mate, and keep it up!!

i'm off 12.6 and i'm 13 years old, if i could aim to be off 4.7 in 2 years time i would be very happy do you think i should give up hope on becoming a pro?

Never give up, just be realistic and have a plan incase it doesn't happen!

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I got to plus 8 just before i turned pro

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hi i am 13 years old and i play off a handicap of 14 however due to the rain we have had over the plast few months i havenot had chance to pay much golf, i have loads of comps in the next six weeks of my summer holidays though. anyway what chance do you think i have of becoming a professional  plz be honest

who had the highest handicap

Hi I'm 15 years old and I'm off 5.9. I played in a golf course for the the last 3 years that was very bad and very hard to get cut in. In January I am moving to a new club where the standard scratch is 36/37 and I really like it and I have gone -1 there a few months ago. I think I have a lot of natural talent as I have only got a few lessons in my life and have been playing since I was 3. I was wondering what chance do ye think I have in becoming a PGA pro and maybe a tour pro if things were to go well. A response would be much appreciated.   

No harm in ambition Howry but if you honestly want to be on the main tours then you're going to have to improve rapidly in the next year or two. With your current ability then becoming a PGA pro should be achievable as you have to get your handicap to 4 or lower and then play to it several times a year. I'd advise you to spend some time with a friendly PGA pro (probably the one at your new club) and get an accurate take on what life for a PGA pro is really like. It's not as glamourous as some people think. Try volunteering to work in the pro shop during your school holidays - it may make you think again. Whatever you do - good luck, ultimately how far you get is down to you and your own determination and commitment to hard work -  none of the guys on tour got there without an enormous amount of hard work.

Thanks for the reply! Ya if I even got it be a PGA professional I would be happy! I think when it comes to things I like I think I have a lot of determination and hard work. I love golf and play it a lot. How do you go about becoming a PGA pro if you get to below 4?

There are a couple of routes, one is a degree course run in Birmingham. have a look at the PGA site has all the info.