Rain? Stopped play

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Rain? Stopped play
Maybe if it rains and blows in 'The Open' play will be delayed until the weather conditions are favourable. P'raps it shouldn't have been played in that terrible weather last year. Tiger might have had a chance then. ; o )

Difference is the ground conditions at Augusta make it unplayable. On the third hole, with nowhere to take relief from casual water, it effectively rules out any kind of play. Landing area for your tee shot on that hole tends to be in a shallow bowl.You can hardly take your nearest point of relief behind a tree 20 yards off the fairway.
At The Open, conditions under foot were playable and the balls weren't blowing off the green, so that's okay! Tiger and the later starters were penalised for their good scores on Friday. That's golf!

I have to say I was disappointed last night. There I was with beer and nibbles waiting for the only night of the masters I could watch and They show a program on lines in the pampas!

They could of put something golf related on, even shown the preview program again.

Not happy, this is the first time in a long time I'll have missed coverage of the masters.

Looks like it will be Tigers in Tierra Del Fuego tonight, judging by the weather forecast!

Can't you tape it - or, like me, is the remote control a bit too hi-tec?

The longer they delay it the better for me.
Performing, am-dram, Thurs. Fri. and Sat evening so will miss the coverage anyway - unless I can solve how to record it.

but Lions on the pampas a serve of the Wein in Spein or Parry Sergi & Sev, must be nice change to a 20hrs NBC of just the Tigers in the Woods ?

boom boom ! move over jimie owen !

look out incoming ! ! !

That aside

Bob already described appears layout makes course unplayable under certain conditions

should e event be cut to 54 holes ?

if 1st day unplayable why is such important event required to be completed in four day bracket come hell etc anyway ?

some competetors will play 36 then an 18 & 18 (if they make cut) others, include Woods will play 27 & 27 then 18 !

considering player fatigue the probability of improving U/foot conditions & the O/nite rest period between latter is this just ?

is there an advantage either way ?

July had to compete & complete a pro event & course 3" rain day prior 2" during 'play'

bunkers declared out of play, f/ways awash virtually no drop available anywhere & four f/ways would have req lateral 300m walk to a 'dryer' spot !

So should Augusta lot put off play a coupla days or play in the puddles or drop @ tree & stif chedder ?

Or is this again media tail wagging dog ? ?

donk ? ? ? ?

or is again

Bob, no video unfortunately. Only have one of those dvd things.