Ricky Barnes - improving like of ball

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Ricky Barnes - improving like of ball
Did anyone else see it? Wide tee shot. Took drop for unplayable out of cactus then... Put club down behind the ball with club face facing him and scraped all the long grass and rubbish out of the way. Then did it again. Has to be improving his lie surely!

Yes very strange, I winced when I saw it. Very surprised a ref didn't have a word. 

Was the grass still growing or was it clippings? The "rubbish" will be loose impediments so no worry about them.

Grass was growing. Did take a picture on TV. Any way of uploading it here?
If you saw it you'd agree it was actually very suspect.

i saw it and didnt they pick up on it in the sky studio.  i would say he was improving his lye ,and as such should have been called on it . 

In all honesty it was the sky pundits that showed it and referred to him as "Tricky Ricky" for the rest of the evening that brought it to my attention.

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