Ryder cup gloom

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Ryder cup gloom
Jesus, Bob, I hope you're wrong.

Jesus may well be the word, Adam - divine intervention is required, I fear. Just a hunch but the Europeans look to be outclassed in every department - including clothing - and the only hope is a message from George Dubya on Saturday night to Curtis, suggesting they go easy on his ally Tone, as he may be looking for a few favours shortly. On that subject, ever noticed the striking resemblance 'Uncle Sam' Torrance and the wicked dictator from the Middle East? I rest my case and hope I'm wrong.

Just got back from The Belfry, very enjoyable but not a lot of activity today. Woods conspicuous by his absence on the course but did see him practising putting.

Monty seemed quite chirpy, for him and Jesper was working really hard with his coach.

The Americans seem very laid back - as if they've already got this in the bag - almost a 'can't be bothered to practice' feel about them.

Having watched a number of the Europeans play there could be a couple of surprises.

Lee Westwood could have a renaissance here, Monty might just hang it together, Jesper may find some form (he was certainly putting in the effort)and don't write Langer off Bob, he seemed pretty solid.
We've also got Padraig and Sergio in form.

Ho hum, tomorrow will tell - although it will no doubt down to the singles again.

The Americans might just be a bit overconfident - Tiger, Duval, Davis Love and Mickelson don't appear to be team players, all 'Billy no mates' suppose it goes with the territory -no one likes winners.

Perhaps that's why we do so well in the team events - we certainly look more 'bonded'

The singles benefit the loners however - shame that.

I forecast us to take 9 points out of the pairs and a surprising 5 points out of the singles.

Means they retain it though.

Alan - How did you find the much-hyped security checks and so on? Am leaving the big smoke before the sun rises tomorrow morning and would love to know what I am in for. Is it really no bags bigger than 8" by 8". And are you really not allowed mobiles - even if they are in your pocket and switched off? Finally, how about traffic? Come on the Europeans - I fancy Monty has got Hoch's number form days gone by.

The screening is in a large building Chris - there a multi airport type scanning frames that you have to walk through - taking things out of pockets ,like keys, mobiles, cameras etc.

Things you ain't allowed to have they will take off you. I think they may have been more relaxed on the practice days as I did see some cameras and mobiles on the course (spectators not assistants)

I honestly would not risk it on match days a friend of mine went Tuesday and three people had mobiles confiscated.

Traffic wise - it gets worse the later it gets. I was there by 8 a.m. and it was not too bad.

My tip coming from the South is start early - you don't want to hit the NEC area later than 7:30

Cheers Alan - it will be nice to be without the mobile for a day anyway.

I really am quite excited now.

Off to bed now for a 4:30 a.m. start.

Gee, Bob, you're hard to please. Mickelson's Ryder Cup record is 6-3-2, which looks pretty good from where I'm sitting. I believe it may be the best of anyone on that team -- it's certainly better than Woods.' He and Toms could be the powerhouse pairing for the Americans.

As Calc is not playing tomorrow morning, that's one 5-pointer down...!

Fulke has played rather better lately than he had been; I think Sam pairing him with Price for all three practice rounds was the signal that neither of them need get out of bed until Sunday. It might have been smart to give each of them a round with a more seasoned player, just to see what if anything could galvanise them. Fulke is normally a pretty good putter, and he did come second in a big Match Play event. If Sam sits the two of them he will not only have two untried players to throw to the wolves but will have lowered morale as well -- as it is, he has basically indicated that he's not interested in them.

Worst mistake he could make is to toss them in against Woods and Mickelson on Sunday, essentially conceding those points before they start (what he and his alter ego did with Coltart and Sandelin).

On the first round of pairings, a decent effort from Europe could get us 2-2, and possibly better. The scouting report on Westwood has been very promising.

I know it's early days yet guys but we're up in two of the first three matches


Westwood, Langer, Monty playing great, just like what I predicted.

and Bjorn's a bloody hero


Tiger doesn't like it up him, oh no.

C'mon you Euro's!!!

Europe 15.5, Usa 12.5

" Nuff said "

Hello Bob,
any comments. Guess you have to correct your view on underestimated european players.
Well done Europe!