Should They Play Qatar?

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Should They Play Qatar?
Interested in views especially from the UK, where the government has taken a position on discretionary travel to Qatar. Nick Dougherty cheerfully declares himself "in," no doubt seeing that elusive win becoming more feasible as more and more heavy hitters pull out. Greg Owen is torn between his daughter and his loyalty to the Tour and his belief in Schofield's credibility and all the other nightmare scenarios he can think up... Tough issues. Qatar is probably well out of the line of fire (as Dubai is) if hostilities DO proceed. On the other hand, Qatar, unlike Dubai, is a US staging post, so their military is unlikely to want a whole flock of civilian air traffic gumming up the works if things are getting under way. Is playing in a Tournament "essential business" to these professionals?

This is a difficult one to answer and would have to be a purely personal response.
The golfers are making a living, doing what they do best, 'how essential' that is depends on the individual.
For those that have mapped out their tour schedule it may be essential that they play, or lose money.
Others maybe can withdraw and absorb losses better than others.

If I was a professional golfer, my opinion is that unless instructed otherwise by the government , then I would play.

Life has to go on, despite strife.

As per Alan I can see the difficulty in the situation but would perhaps place a different slant on it. Regardless of what people say about supporting the tour, not giving in to terrorism & getting on with your life, I believe that, were it not for money and playing rights for next season, none of the players would go.
On a personal level I do not believe there is much of a risk as I cannot see an event of this nature being a target. On the other hand I fully understood and supported Woods decision not to play in Dubai. Where I cannot see run of the mill tour events/players presenting an attractive target I reckon Woods would be just the opposite. He probably symbolises many of the characteristics many cultures appear to hate about the USA.