Should we rename it

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Should we rename it

Wow - what an achievement for Rory - he's managed to take over GolfMagic - as well as becoming World Number 1 - but for how long?

Well he derserves the recogniton I say 

He'll be on here soon posting about "womens' bits or his second favourite jam!" Mind you, he might not as H2H is finished and he already gets free kit! (one more joke allowed surely?)

This is the thanks I get for busting my nuts all morning to write interesting pieces about Rory?  You'll be pleased to know, Dick, that there are non-Rory pieces on the homepage now.

Ban him I say AP

AP - you seem to have lost your sense of humour - again!! very worthy number 1 I think - but I'm not sure how long he'll be able to hold on - it seems 1 good result from the chasing pack and they might take over

I think it's more like my tongue-in-cheek response has been read in the wrong tone... again. Maybe I should start using

Personally I think it's fantastic to have 4 guys all very close in the points table battling it out for No1 spot, dominating for 300+ weeks with no-one in sight makes it very boring. Not accurate in my facts probably but didn't they say Tiger could stop playing for 2 years and he would've still been No1 he was that far ahead at one point? Even better when they're all European. It would be very healthy say for Westwood to win the Masters and take it off him then Kaymer or Donald to win The Open and do the same, I'm sure it'll change hands quite a few times before the season is over, it will make for an exciting year.

Not so sure about the changing hands bit Keve - Rory's ten top 3's in 10 events may keep him up there awhile!

I feel the same - I think we are looking at Rory holding that spot for some time, he thas the extra "it" that his rivals don't have. But golf is a fickle game, Rory might just be on a massive purple patch.