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Sky coverage
I disagree. I think that Sky messed it up on Sunday (as expressed elsewhere on the forum, by Alex I think). He didn't like the way they focused on Sam Torrance after the win, which I can see but which didn't irk me so much. I didn't like the way it was persistently unclear as to what the score was (the scoreboard they flashed up didn't make it clear and I kept having to count up the blue lines and subtract the red ones), but above all they didn't seem to cover all teh matches very well. We hardly saw any of teh Parnevik-Woods match, for example. Did anyone else find the coverage a bit annoying? (Let me stress, it didn't ruin the drama, which was simply magnificent to watch - I just reckon they could have covered the games more evenly).

................and millions of the next generation of young potential golfers (without Sky) who didnt see it!

BBC sort yourself out! Live "spacehopper racing" on Sunday Grandstand does not really compete!

I thought the coverage was excellent, far better than the BBC highlights.

"Spacehopper Racing"? What's that?

I do agree that the Ryder Cup should be amongst the list of 'protected' events that has to be made available on one of the terrestial television (FA Cup, RL Challenge Cup, Olympics, etc.). Sky didn't make the Ryder Cup what it is today, thank Tony Jacklin for that. Sky are just cashing in on it.

i thought the coverage was brilliant! we didn't see much of the last match, but that's because there was too much going on else where - it was probably possible to see it on the digital offering of "the star match" or one of those options. i'm not sure that the bbc could cover it as well as sky can (if it was available on terrestial tv) - their staff are excellent, and respected players ion the world of golf - who've been there and done it (not talking about faldo here)..unlike some of the bbc anchors.....on a slightly different matter, I was delighted to see woods missing his putt on the last - i think the match should have been halved when it became impossible for usa to retain the cup - but his ego wouldn't let him....the way he has been aplauded in todays press for "letting" parnevik half the match is ridiculous, one hack even going as far as to say that woods missed his putt on purpose!!!!! why they love him so much is beyond me.......

I don't think Woods has done himself any favours over the last week or so. He is a great individual player but does not seem to fit the team ethic. He never seemed really comfortable as part of the Ryder Cup squad. And that trick of going out early to avoid the crowds on practice day was a bit naughty too. Ultimately it's these people who pay his wages.

I only saw excerpts of the BBC coverage but it was poor by comparison with what I saw on Sky. Also convinced that Alliss and Hay did much dubbing over pictures trying to create tension, while already knowing whether the putt was holed or missed.
There are a few Sky guys who get on your nerves, Butch'The name-dropper' Harmon and Peter 'Sit on the fence' Oosterhuis but the Beddow/Boxall jovial combination and the on-course interviews by Rob Lee and Tim Barter were hard to fault. While it should receive a wider audience, certainly the Sky presentation should go with the package.

I don't see what there is to debate...the coverage by the Sky Team was superb, so full marks to them.

Unfortunately much sattelite TV cover seems limited to fortunate few top of leaderboard & the clever shots or is this more Nike etc sponsor stuff ?

clearly don't matter to some in control box punters would like to see a few of other 60 or so competing in event & or a few of crap shoot shots

Sky: jolly good luck to those who subsribe as believe Pom Tv is a bit 'duh' but is it skewed towards $ sponsor coverage ?

Cricket still working here (because free to air ?) Packer nearly destroyed the Oz rugby league trying to monster it into pay TV

See some satt @ golf club but I refuse to subscribe $50 for al the other crap Oz satt Tv offers cable only in city so miss heaps

So rely on Oz free to air it is usually as good as it gets in fact suggest most other O/S cover totally boring when compared