Sky Cup 2002.....

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Sky Cup 2002.....
Has anyone on the website entered for this years Sky Cup with qualifying rounds throughout the country at venues such as Celtic Manor;The Belfry;Forest of Arden.The finals being played at La Manga in September. I've just had confirmation that I've won a place at The Belfry on 23rd July,with the cost of entry being....

Congratulations Melvin, seems like a great deal. I under stand there were only about 500 places up for grabs so you did well.
The Belfry is a tough track so you'll need your short game in good order because some of the par-4s are not easy to reach in regulation.
Did a B&H preview in May ( which may provide some pointers.
Main tip I can give is to make full use of your handicap. Where you have a stroke use it and keep you concentration - don't go for shots that are unrealistic. Spend some time on the putting green before you play - your putter will help if you can develop a smooth stroke and two-putt most greens. At the 6th play short of the lake and play the 8th and 9th as a par 5.
Ten demands an iron into position before tackling the difficult approach. Play the par-3 12th as a par-4 and play short of the bunkers at the 15th. 17 should also be played short of the stream that crosses the fairway and don't be tempted to go for the 18th in two - many a card has come unstuck here. The Belfry can be a slog but use your shots wisely and if you play to your handicap you're in with a shout. Good luck

The low down... if you're playing the Brabazon... Bloody tough.

Played there about 2 years ago. Twelve of us took part. Winning Stableford score was 28 points, last place was 11. Ouch!

Good luck though.

I've only played it once and that was a few years ago, but I was pleased with my round. But I'm not a long hitter so the risky shots "going for it" over the water weren't really an option for me, whereas others lost many-a-ball. Bob's right, don't go for the unrealistic. You don't need length to score well there, you just need a sensible head and play safe.

Have a great day, good luck.

Is the Sky Cup still going? It sounds better than giving a pound to the lotto.

Melvin let us know how you go on. And good luck.

I've just had the details of the day sent thru.I'm playing on the PGA National,not The Brabazon.Anyone played it?Can you give me some tips about it?Playing in a 4-ball with varying handicappers;7,11 and 15.Teeing off at 12.10.

PGA National is still a good course and a good test of golf but not as hard as the Brabazon. Keep the ball in the fairway is about the best advice I can give. I remember the greens being tough when I played there.

Aesthetically ugly course with elkectricity pylons towering over it. Designed by Dave Thomas so plenty of bunkers cut into the mounding - his signature. Greens are large with plenty of undulations so practice your long putting (at least 80 feet) to a dustbin lid before you go. Good luck