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Where's the mute button?!

Apparently it's all about hitting the fairways!

And Tiger didn't play well, now Scott is playing well.......

Butch - "Wow". He loves throwing in a wow here and a wow there.   Christ on a bike, and some people want rid of Peter Alliss? 

Monty is so negative 

Apparently Butch has coached Woods and Monty won the Ryder Cup.....apparently!

I was utterly sick of montgomeries chatter during the rain break. It was just so dull, despite their failings the bbc team they're head and shoulders above the dreary sky bunch. I especially like the on-cousre insights about the green speeds rough etc. But ken brown is by far the most entertaining at that  too. I think i might cancel my sky sports after the ashes finishes..... the channel 5 highlights of that are better viewing too.

Rather enjoy them. Think you lot above are looking for Nivana.

And what is with the ill fitting suits and bad ties? This is golf, not a board meeting!