SkySports Free Weekend Pass - September 24-25

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SkySports Free Weekend Pass - September 24-25
<p class="v5-txt-strong">Weekend of Solhiem Cup and the Tour Championship for me <img src='/forum/smilies/smile_smiley.gif' /> <p class="v5-txt-strong">  <p class="v5-txt-strong"><a href=',,12040_7178416,00.html' target='_blank'>Sample all the Sky Sports channels on the weekend of September 24-25. </a>

From 6am on Saturday September 24 to 6am on Monday 26, even if you don't have a Sky Sports subscription you can watch all the sporting action on all five Sky Sports channels including Sky Sports News.<span class="lingo_region">

And for those of you who have a Sky + HD box and a HD Ready TV, you can feast your eyes on all the weekend's action by sampling in stunning HD on Sky Sports HD1, HD2, HD3 & HD4 as well as Sky Sports News HD.

If you are a Sky, Virgin Media, TalkTalk or Small World customer, all you have to do is simply turn to the Sky Sports Channel of your choice and enjoy!

BT... I like that a lot, thats my weekend sorted !!!

must be some real shit on this weekend then

City v Everton AND NFL !!!!! Smashing !!!

Solheim Cup?

PGA Tour championships always someone who will winge about free stuff

Deceptively Short wrote (see)

Solheim Cup?

I rest my case