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Solheim pick
I've got a feeling there's going to be trouble at t'mill when the Solheim Cup gets under way. I reckon Kellie 'The Brat' Kuehne might throw her toys out of the pram and Alfie Alfredsson might prove to be Dale Reid's inspirational pick. What do you think - or do you care?

am looking forward to this "appetiser" for the ryder cup...think it was probably a mistake to leave out the two scots and some of the othres are perhaps getting on a little. that said, the team spirit will be all the stronger considering what happened at loch lomond with kelly robbins and sorenstam - so watch out for fireworks - esp with the injured dottie pepper on the sidelines "geeing up" the crowd....

I think the gals will do it - I have my doubts whether the guys will.

There is a solid base in the Solheim Cup team and some outstanding newcomers.

A good couple of weeks where we can get behind Europe.

I'll also out money on controversy, bitchiness and spiteful behaviour - mainly from the guys.

I've never been a great lover of watching ladies golf but this Solheim Cup
has changed that. Its very exciting and with Europe kicking butt (!!) 4-0
in the fourballs Today we now lead 9-7 going into the singles. Annika
Sorenstam and the delightful Carin Koch were awesome Today in both the
morning foursomes and the afternoon fourballs and the other fourballs played
very well and all won their matches on the superb 18th hole which favours
our players IMO.

We should be able to bring the cup back home as we need just 5 points from
the 12 singles matches. I would expect wins from Sorenstam, Davies, Koch
and Corriedo and surely the others must get a point between them.

The American women wind me up more than the American men - Inkster and Jones
particularly get right up my nose and I would love it...just love it
(copyright K Keegan esq) if we beat them tomorrow. It will also shut the
home crowd up who only know one song :-)

Tomorrow should be a great nights golf in front of the box. It all kicks
off at 6pm on Sky with internet updates at for those without Sky.

I hate to say it, being a convert to ladies golf but I think that we will be edged out - just

Dunno why but the gals, like the guys, cannot do it in the singles.

Well that's one arse kicking out of the way

- just next weeks to contend with now.

I don't think I'll watch - can't stand collapses - have enough of them myself.