Someone Heckling Justin Rose?

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Someone Heckling Justin Rose?

According to the Golf Channel announcers, Justin Rose was heckled by a "fan" who reportedly followed him on his round at the Barclay's today.

I did see Rose and his caddy looking back at the gallery while leaving a green with rather disturbed expressions on their faces but could not hear what was said.

Justin Rose has been a consistently excellent player - often in the hunt on Sundays. His demeanor on and as best I've heard or read , off the course has been nothing short of impeccable. To the best of my knowledge he has always conducted himself as a professional on the course -win or lose- and as a gentlemen off the course.

Why would anyone choose to follow this guy around for the purpose of heckling him?

Is there some aspect of his life that is in some way scandalous or something?  Am I missing something here?

I don't get it.

If you happen to know of some incident that might warrant such unsportsmanlike behavior towards Rose I would appreciate being informed about it.

I find this puzzling and disturbing.

Thank you in advance for your responses.



No - I know of no skeleton in Justin's closet.
Plenty of boozed-up lackwits (and just plain-old lackwits) at American golf events - another one probably miffed at a foreigner being better than a home-grown.
Does the US have the monopoly on moronic shouting at golf tournaments? It certainly appears so.

It does seem to be an American problem, although the Ryder Cup matches can get a bit rowdy on both sides of the pond. I abhor the inane shouting which you get a millisecond after a player's tee shot such as "mashed potato" or "get in the hole", the latter usually on a par 5. I'm pretty sure that the heckling of players is just an extension of this. If you let me shout crap on the tee then why shouldn't I do it when I'm walking the fairways? Noticeably it doesn't happen at Augusta - so it can be controlled if the powers that be want to do it. I can't believe that there is anything in Justin Rose's behaviour on or off the course that would warrant him being heckled. You'd be hard pressed to find a nicer guy on any of the tours.

Like I said, Lackwits.

Heckling....including the ever so annoying and senseless post shot shouts of inanities such as "mashed potatoes, etc. should have no place on the golf course. Be it a Pro Tour or a local club. However, as an American, I would advise a bit of caution before blithely dismissing this as entirely an  "American Problem", .....please do keep in mind that the upcoming Solheim Cup and President's Cup are not on US we shall see about buffoonish, loutish behavior, etc. FYI: I've witnessed more than a bit of hooliganism displayed by drunken European soccer fans.....methinks that this behavior is not so much motivated by any particular nationality as it is by a sufficient amount of alcohol.

FYI - we were talking about golf "fans"

Solheim and President's Cups.

I expect that there will be a few US citizens in the crowds at both events.....

Stogiesnbogies but it is am American problem when talking about golf. You do see this ridiculous shouting at The Open.

FOOTBALL is a different matter, I don't know what this soccer thing Is that you talk about

'Early' reports can't yet confirm this but it's could be said it's a 'grave' error in trying to make out with a birdie!

You heard wrong, Old Tom - it was shagging Tiger's bum :-O

Ah, so that why the heckler was shouting 'get in the hole'!

Shouting out whichever side of the pond is not good when it becomes a bore by mindless people. Why can't someone in the crowd tell the noisy bugger to shut the f*** up! Certain sports like football and I guess American football does lend itself to some vocal support, possibly light abuse, that's the nature of a fast flowing game with vociferous supporters. Golf is more sedate and generally played or watched by intelligent people. Those mindless bores are not golf fans, if they are, then they must be alcohol induced half-wits who need to be told to shut up or get out.

watching the fedex and it is pissing me off the amount of shouting absolute bollox that the yanks are spewing out.