Strokes gained putting

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Strokes gained putting

Just been looking at the strokes gained putting stats on the PGA tour website as its supposed to be the best way of telling who are the best putters, and there are a few you would expect to be up there apart from the guy who is running away with it.

There was a lot of talk of Westwood's putting following another near miss at the Masters but he is above Bubba in the stats list!!

Also threw out a few more surprises as Lee was above Harrington and Leonard guys I always thought were good putters. Stricker down at 75 

I'm sure if you select your stats you can prove whatever you want to prove.

Total driving. Lee is number one. GIR Lee is number one. So he is the best driver and hits most GIR. How do you explain he doesn't win every week?

I wasn't trying to prove anything if that's what you mean, I was just surprised that some pros who are known as good putters were ranked lower than Westwood. And the strokes gained putting was designed to not just pick up on one stat but determine who week in week out are the best putters. Winning any particular week means having all facets of your game working and obviously Lees putting is a weakness only compared to the rest of his game.

PGA Website said

The number of putts a player takes from a specific distance is measured against a statistical baseline to determine the player's strokes gained or lost on a hole. The sum of the values for all holes played in a round minus the field average strokes gained/lost for the round is the player's Strokes gained/lost for that round. The sum of strokes gained for each round are divided by total rounds played. The Strokes Gained - Putting concept is a by-product of the PGA TOUR's ShotLink Academic program, which encourages members of the academic community to perform research against the wealth of ShotLink statistical data. Professor Mark Broadie from Columbia Business School developed the early concept which was later refined by the TOUR (2564)

Yeah, that sounds like a really meaningful stat

No stats are perfect but just counting the number of putts isn't fair because the poorer ball strikers miss more greens but they are all really good at getting up and down saving them the total number of putts. Not really a stat tracker but I do find it interesting to know who is consistently ranked the best in each department of the game. When the strokes gained was brought in 12 months or so ago I thought it was a good idea and so did a lot of the pros.