talk about choke ...

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talk about choke ...

major choke by the big man :

that'll finish him off for a few seasons , can't see him winning a major tournament ever again  ....

it's them crappy clubs he's using I don't doubt -



Talk about "snatching defeat from the jaws of victory" The most horrible sight in an important tournament I have ever seen apart from Jean van de Velde at the Carnoustie Open. Even Thomas Bjorn's three shots from a bunker at the 16th at The Open at Royal St.George's when Ben Curtis won could not compare IMO.The saddest part about it is that the perpetrator is one of the greatest and most likeable golfers who has ever strode a fairway.

It happens. It happened. What matters is how he copes. He's entered in the SAA Open. If he shows, it'll be a good sign.

I believe that the top pros have a different thought process to the rest of us, and I think Ernie is more than capable to finding some positives from that 18th hole (like the fantastic drive and fantastic second pitch accross the water to a few feet from the hole.He'll be back next week, and don't be suprised if he leads from Thursday to Sunday.

i don't even understand why taking on the grren in 2 from his position on the fairway....... it's not as if playing catchup.Dollop a 7 iron down there, flick on with the wedge and 3 stab for a 6 and win by 1?Complete brainless rush of blood to the head - and i thought this guy was good at course management. Apart from the drive was like watching a 28 handicapper  play the monthly medal.

Just watched the last few holes on a sky sports replay.Not what you would expect from a player of that calliber.Mind you perhaps we all expect to much from these players,he is only human, golf after all is a battle againts your self as much as the course and opponants isnt it??

Els' Version Good lad. 

I missed this - damn.I am surprised it isn't on youtube yet.

Jesus, never seen Ernie look so sick, walking off the 18th he looked in total disbelief.


Paul WI really dont understand how a middle-aged grumpy fecker with a 9 handicap feels he can write off one of the greats of golf so disdainfully!Just because-for about 15 minutes- Ernie came down to YOUR level certainly doesn't mean he's fiished for ONE tournament let alone for a few seasons!Ernie's trouble-if one could possibly call it that-is he's just a super-nice bloke. If he could learn to let out his feelings-including rage or anger- by throwing a club on the ground or kicking his bag on the very few occasions he hits a rank bad shot I reckon it would do him a world of good and everyone would understand.

Paul WI really dont understand how a middle-aged grumpy fecker with a 9 handicap feels he can write off one of the greats of golf so disdainfully! at the end of the post which is indication enough my comments are very tongue in cheekwe see countless posts in forums , on BBC web blogs and wherever else that instantly 'write off' just about all English players before many of them have even struck a ball in anger at the start of a tournament - my post was to show that even the greats like Els can have a minor blip once in a while , he is after all human - if that was an English player at the weekend the comments you'd see banded around would indeed be 'choker' , 'loser' , etc ....because it's Els it is seen as a 'blip'strange that there's a lack of well done John Bickerton posts after Sunday - he did after all get his part of the job done , post  a score and possibly part apply a bit of pressure to those groups following in  -we so often miss the obvious by focusing too much on the headlines !

Agree with Els take on it.... hes human and nerves at his level take their toll under pressure, occasionally. I think he will draw from that experience and it will help him in the Majors in 08.

whatever your opinion- it made great telly!you watch-els will win this week-home advantage(he revels on home turf), he's playing well and as we all know made of sterner stuff than a really stern, clad  in stern heard it here first!!

I dont think Els is the player he was before his accident; he is in the comfort zone as a lot of the top players are. He is a multimillionaire with a fantastic lifestyle and being paid to turn up for comps! You have some very average players who drive Ferrari’s and fly in private jets, where is the hunger going to come from. To capitulate like Els did shows either a lack of judgment, nerves or complacency, none of which should have bothered Els. Just one question would Tiger have lost that comp like Els. In a word no......... as much as I do not like Tiger that is why he is number one and the rest are not in the same league as him.

I don't believe Tiger would have laid up either. As Ernie said it was a distance he had no trouble covering with a 6 iron. 99 times out of 100 he'd have hit the green and won the tournament at a canter. Write the big man off at your peril.

But he did not hit the green so something went wrong and this will come back to him next time he is in this position. Golf is all in the head for these guys and whatever he says this will be in the back of his mind for years to come. It’s all about opinions and I do not think he will not get to his previous highs and I also think his best days are behind him and he will not win another Major. He is in the comfort zone...............

Ask any bookie, Els has a long and sorry history of choking on a Sunday.

yeah and he's never won anything of note either has he??could somebody put the big man's stats up and put harry right please?

He hit two poor shots on the same hole. he isn't the first pro to do this, and he certainly won't be the last. Perhaps he was jsut unlucky that this happened to him on the 72nd hole. if he had done it in one of the earlier rounds, nobody would be calling him a choker.A bit of a choke is an inevitable part of being a human being in a pressure situation.We didnt see els choke when he won his second open. He was head to head with Manty, and hit (I i rememer correctly) the most incredible 5 iron to a green surrounded by water to effectively win it. One of the best shots under pressure I have ever seen.


dash riprodIsn't it sad to see one or two Els detractors rushing out of the woodwork to disclaim this great golfer and predict a gloomy future for him!?

boa, too true-and he seems to be approaching his early-career form levels despite a career-threatening injury and is now, historically speaking, at the peak age to win tournaments and, dare i say it, major ones at that.

The worrying thing, is that Els, Vijay, Phil, Furyk etc are supposedly the next best players to Tiger, yet the gulf between them and Tiger is huge, not just in ability but the mental side. Oh how good it would be if Tiger had to beat Snead or Hogan each time, or Player and Nicklaus. Then he'd get some real competition, but while Els has been and remains a great golfer he's a digger compared to Tiger.

I think what did it for Ernie was that he was just reading a mental coaching book called: "How to take a penalty in a World Cup Semi Final" co-authored by Chris Waddle & Stuart Pearce.

Ernie great golfer - yes! I have been a fan for his for several years. Dash riprod - I believe what Harry was referring to, is that 21 times Els has held an overall lead of one shot or more going into Sunday. On 9 of those occassions or approx 43% he has gone on and lost the tournament - making lots of bookies very rich!!! Did hear that on Sunday on betfair someone staked £34,000 at 100/1 on on Els after his tee shot on 18. Ouch!


"Calamity of Calamities" saith the Preacher!First round of the South African Open, Els has two double bogeys in the final six holes to finish in 77 -five over par!What on Earth is the matter?

^^he comes quick and hasn't got the stamina to see the full job out .... !or words loosely based around that sort of theme -


Paul WTrust YOU to bring SEX into the equation!I'll bet he's hopeless on a WATER bed!

Trust YOU to bring SEX into the equation!I guess it must've been all this talk of demanding younger wives in the other threads that stuck it on my mind - Michael Campbell is another who is anything but on the boil as well playing wise ....

Thanks for that Fen, you saved me 10 minutes work.I never said Ernie was a poor golfer, he is one of the few golfers I would pay to watch, but as I said a lot of people have lost money backing Els on a Sunday. ASK ANY BOOKIE.His problems started in 1998 at the Johnnie Walker Classic in Thailand, he had an 8 shot lead over a certain Mr Woods going into Sunday and managed to lose in a playoff. He's choked several times to Tiger since, he finished second to Tiger SEVEN times in 2000. Yes, he's won the matchplay umpteen times in his own back yard, how many times has he beaten Woods in the event?Would you care for anymore stats Dash?

Chokes are just something ordinary I guess. No one can avoid that I think.