Talkback: GB&I looking to hit Europe for six

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Talkback: GB&I looking to hit Europe for six
Who will win this week's Seve Trophy? AP thinks Europe, I think GB&I.

Europe, 16 - 12.

Aside from the scoreline, how do people feel about this tournament? And will you be watching? I can't see myself getting excited about it, whatever names are involved. It's great that they have named the trophy after Seve but it seems to have been used as emotional blackmail against those withdrawing rather than as a gesture to the great man. And what about other Tour players who want to be out earning a bit of cash? Oh, they can't, because the "big boys" are having a jolly in France.These views are entirely impartial...

Going on Sunday. Cheap day out (5€ each for me & the missus). It had better be good weather.

Yeah but don't you think it carries greater significance this year because of the death of Seve? 

Thoroughly enjoying watching the first hours play, ok, some the names might not be the biggest but watching Lee, our open champion DC and the likes of Manassero and Miguel Jiminez could be an awful lot worse. Plus, I do enjoy watching a bit of matchplay!

Have to agree with Pasty. Dedicating the tournament to Seve doesn't really eliminate the fact it's a bit... well, rubbish. Having said that, I have to agree with Jacko about the matchplay. I would prefer it the ET dedicated one of the bigger regular season tournaments to Seve.

It's really just a warm up match for the Ryder Cup, isn't it? I'm going to randomly chant     U-S-A!    U-S-A!     U-S-A!     just to confuse everyone.