Talkback: Haas hits $10million FedEx jackpot

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Talkback: Haas hits $10million FedEx jackpot

$11.4 million dollars for Bill Hass and good luck to him, but what about the caddy? Presumably he gets 10% of the winnings - nice work if you can get it.

I wonder what inducement Tiger has offered to Dustin Johnson's former caddy to work with him? I do hope Mr LaCava has agreed a good retainer because judging from recent times Tiger has not fared too well, not that he needs the money.  

And a golden handshake should Tiger change his mind

That's the tip of the iceberg probably, I doubt players are the only ones who get paid for wearing caps/shirts/shoes. Then there's the book, Tiger still doesn't exactly miss cuts...

What a simply incredible shot to salvage par from Haas Youtube link to Water Shot

It was some shot. Imagine being offered a tricky three-footer for $10million. I think I'd collapse.

Haas maintained afterwards that he hadn't realised for sure the 10mil was on the line, such is the complex mathematics around the FEC points. He didn't ask, and nobody told him. In fact, if Mahan had bogeyed the last in regulation to hand Haas the win, Donald's T2 finish would have seen him win thr 10mil. Maybe we also need to put this into context, given top level pro golfers are already wealthy men. So it wouldn't be like us putting for 10 mil - perhaps more like us putting for £100k (which, admittedly, is enough to get my sphincter twitching). I also loved the "stat" that Bill Haas earned in one fell swoop more than his dad, Jay, had earned in a lifetime on the pro tour.

Apparently they are using the FEC points formula to validate the recent findings from CERN re- faster than light Neutrinos...... I'll get my (white lab) coat.....

Disgusting that a sportsman can earn that amount of cash. The world is wonky, unbalanced and crazy beyond belief.

Oof, socialist rant over... must remember to write 'hypocrite' on my German car before I drive to my private golf club...

Apparently Mr LaCava has offered Tiger a golden shower for taking him on

Zombie - I can scratch the letters with a key if you like

Top shot that one out of the water!