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I'm not convinced, He's shown some decent golf, and obviously when he's on song he's pretty magestic, but SAndy Lyle was the same and nobody ever leveled these sort of claims at him. I think too many people are looking for the next Tiger... And its not Rory, he's good, no question but for me he still has to improve his consistency to be "The Best".

Cheers Big Ears wrote (see)

And its not Rory, he's good, no question but for me he still has to improve his consistency to be "The Best".

9 top 5's out of his last 10 tournaments - is that not consistant enough for you?

I think at the moment that could be true, quite difficult for me to say that though because I'm such a big Luke fan but from the end of last season until last week he's played the best golf.

Until he stops caving under pressure, he won't be the best, buts a big possibility IMO.

I've run off a few tiger vs rory facts but its not even close, rorys been on tour for about 4 years, by now Tiger had one about 5 majors...? As for best in the world, my problem is that theres so little to choose, Mickleson has been in nealry all the last groups, Kyle stanley could have won 2 on the trot, its a tough market!! Donalds was well ahead of rory for consistancy last year.... But is he a better golfer.... I find it difficult to argue for anyone, so will have to just stick to the facts, Donald is currently the best.  A good few weeks for Rory and it might be him.  It was easier when it was always Tiger

Caving under pressure?? Are you kidding?   3 down after 4 in a proper grudge match against Lee RestWood and he produces sublime golf to win at a canter.  After such an herculean effort, it's perhaps understandable that it took so long to find top gear in the final. Beaten finalist in the WCGC Matchplay, worst finish in his last ten events joint 11th, with 9 top 5s including 2 wins?  Wish i could cave in like that.

Absolutely. He gets to the final and can't get into gear again. Need I remind you the huge crash he had at the Masters last year?? Rory lets things get the better of him, pro or not. He CAN come back when down shots, but it's when the game is coming to an end, if he falters, he can struggle to keep the head.

And another thing, Lee has been far from his best either, so IMO it was fairly easy for a player of Rory's caliber to come back and win against him.

So lets get this straight - your contention is: - Rory, the world no 2, is prone to caving in. - Restwood, the world no 3, is far from his best. - Both of them, despite being cavers and far from their best, win 4 matches against top 64 opposition, with some matches going to the 17th/18th, and both being well under par in each match. - it's fairly easy to shoot 7 birdies in 10 holes??  Need i point out to you that since Augusta, which the 22-yr-old McIlroy handled the aftermath of magnificently, and hailed as a learning experience, he has won the US Open by nearly lapping the field, won twice more worldwide and rarely finished outside the top 10 in any event he has entered. Mahan, the deserved and worthy winner yesterday was correct - I cannot think of anyone performing better - can you?

What about Luke Donald - 13 european tour events, 13 finishes int he top ten, he was in the top 4 in all of the last four events on tour, winning one to secure the money title on the last day. Then off to europe again to get another 3rd place and win the money title. Which means he won more money on BOTH tours than McIlroy and everyone else, and now in February, he's rubbish?

I'm a big fan of Donald.  But he's yet to show his 2011 form this year. 

Differing views. I'll end there.

Rory could be the best in the world...but not yet. On his day he is a world beater, but lacks some consistency. He is destined to be the no.1 player at some stage in the near future, that I'm sure, whether he will be good enough to retain it for a significant period remains to be seen. Lots of good young guns coming along any of which could be the next best thing. Enjoy the moment.


Don't think Rory can lay claim to be the best in the World at the moment. He is not dominating the World stage like Tiger used to and so you have to go back to the rankings, and he's not top of them either. Not surprised Mahan made those comments - not like an American to miss an opportunity for hyperbole! And by the way a backhanded compliment to how great he himself played ("well my opponent is the best player in the world so i've done brilliantly, haven't I").  If he'd said "Rory is one of the, if not THE, form players in the world at the moment so it feels good to have beaten him" then we might have been able to agree.

I refer back to my previous comments. Since Augusta Rory has blitzed the field in the US Open, and in his last 10 tournaments has won twice and been top 5 7 other times. Worst place 11th. Mahan, a deserved winner on Sunday, simply commented on that basis. Who is currently playing better? I refer to Lee "Restwood" as he doesn't test himself on the big boys tour enough, preferring to rest on his laurels in Europe. In my opinion. And I just don't like him as a player, or as an individual, and his petty comments when Rory left Chubby only served to reinforce that view. He has seen the future and he is not in it as a dominant player, as Rory, DJ, and some of the other young guns are just better than him.

You seem obsessed with running down Westwood.  Nobody is arguing McIroy isn't a good, even a great player and hugely talented. But he is currently not No1 in the world according to the rankings, and he has not dominated in a way that clearly demonstrates he is deserving of that position yet. 

He is no1 now!

Well that's that argument settled for now! Think he will hold it for a while too

And well deserved! Controlled his nerves, controlled his mind took command and did not let Tiger (and I am a fan of his) intimidate him. Little MAC is cool!

It all adds to 4 Europeans at the top!

Extremely impressed with that speech too

That's our boy!!!!!!

Quality and class. A potent package.