Talkback: Oosty albatross etched in history

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Talkback: Oosty albatross etched in history
Two of the greatest shots in televised golf history, surely - by Oosthuizen and Watson - and within hours of each other.

Which greatest shots are your favourites? Maybe you've had an albatross, too?

This..... and this..... From recent memory.

Sandy Lyle, 88 Masters, 72nd hole. Class.

Beaten to it but here's the vid

Lyle .. brilliant, but this wasnt bad eitherĀ from Harrington in 2008 !

The best televised albatross I have seen has to be Jimenez's at Valderrama in the Volvo Masters. Just getting on that green in two is a great shot on it's own.

Some good ones here

How can Bubba's shot to the green when he's hiting from another State's forest at the last hole not be taken into account, to me Oosthuizen's 2 was fantastic to watch but still a lot of luck involved were Bubba's was pure skill. Could watch him all day.

Have to disagree, Bob. While Oosthuizen's shot was a tremendous feat, Bubba's wedge was pure genius. He had no right to put the ball where he did. Now let's all click here and watch it in all its glory.