Talkback: Poulter prepares to answer his critics

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Talkback: Poulter prepares to answer his critics
Poults must be still up for it it was only his fourth wasn't it.

The term in cricket is "a flat track bully!" I'd love to see Poults really win some big stuff.  His "best" is certainly good enough to do so, but you need four of them on consecutive days....which he has tended not to do in big events

Poulter has his head in the wrong place.

For me anyone who dresses like he does gives me the impression that they dont expect to win enough to be comfortable so they need to rely on a marketable image.

He's achieved alot more than i expected, but now his image takes more of his time that his golf.

Dont get me wrong, he's got a career, a product line and a family. I struggle to cope with one of the three!!

But if he wants to be a real threat on the world stage, then i agree with faldo, misquoted or not...

I still think he's a top player who's maybe underachieved a little bit. He's been close to winning a major a couple of times one of them being at Birkdale in 2008. The potentials obviously there, otherwise we woudlnt be talking about him like this.

my son Played at his Junior Invitational last year at Woburn and Poults did a clinic after where he admitted that his ball striking was not the best and he was working to improve it. He also said he wanted/needed more length off the tee and i believe he has been working hard in the gym and also with his driver set up. I think this year could be a great year for him.

Possibly. He's still won some big events, obviously his biggest being a world golf championship in arizona, so I still think he's a great golfer who's done some big things. Dont think his consistency matches up with the likes of Kaymer, Westwood, Donald and McIlroy, which is probably why he does get criticised from time to time.

Agree with bigeasy, he can def raise his game for a big one though.....

Suppose so because he thrives on adrenaline and the big moment, probably why he's been so effective in the Ryder Cup.

I'm not a big Poulter fan.  He talks too much and usually doesn't deliver.

He does talk a lot but I think thats all part of his self-confidence. You cant play good golf unless you believe in yourself and he definitely does.

Not sure what to make of Poulter, he is obviously a hell of a golfer, but consistency seems to be an issue. At least he's realised it's time to start working harder than ever and he may well deliver. I won't be betting on him to win a Major though (with my betting record he will now undoubtably go and win three in a row!).

I can see him challenging in a major, getting into worlds top 15 and playing on the winning ryder cup team Come on Europe....

His comments on him and tiger being the worlds top 2 didnt help, although in his defence I think he might have been misquoted.

^^ these things normally are mis quoted and blown all out of proportion...

If anything, I think he has over achieved. There are better and more talented golfers who have won less and sit behind him in the OWGR. He should be recognised for what he is - a very, very good golfer.

^^^he pretty much said that he had achieved more than he ever thought. just shows if you put the effort in you can achieve....

He's overachieved in my opinion, and he clearly works hard at everything he does.  So you can only praise him, but if golf really is where he wants to excel then he needs to give it his full attention. But is that even possible when you have a family?  Maybe but i think if you asked poulter he'd never claim golf was his number one focus any more.  Even his twitter feed seems to imply that....

He got where he is through pure dedication and hard work. He hasnt got anywhere near the talent of a Rory McIlroy so yeh maybe we should appreciate what he's done.

^^ hav to agree but at same time think its great he has  got where he has without being as good as more talented players are....

I'm insanely jealous of people like Rory, whereas sometimes I really admire those who put the work in and achieve even though everyone told them it wasnt possible.

He's my fav !!!!